A Physiologically Optimized Exercise Program: A premise of this program is that a successful fitness program is one that allows you to remain injury-free and that fits easily into a reasonable schedule and life-style.


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  • Optimize Physiologic Benefit by combining the benefits of Cardiovascular Training ( aerobics ) & Resistance Training ( anaerobics or weight lifting ) into one synergistic program.

  • Blending circuit training & interval training into an optimized program.

  • Our optimized program exercises each muscle group anaerobicaly to achieve a systemic aerobic effect.

May, 2007 Flex Magazine has interviews with several body builders plus several sample workout routines.  80% of the programs written about are adaptations in assorted varied forms of circuit training's principal premise of  short rest / high rep... using advanced techniques like drop sets and forced reps ..

Personal optimization is not just about holding good cards ..   but involves playing those cards that you do hold optimally.

There are 2 types of muscle fibers: Fast Twitch & Slow Twitch.

  • Fast twitch muscles are used primarily in anaerobic explosive exercise.  Sprinting.

  • Slow twitch muscles are used primarily in aerobic endurance exercise. Long distance.

Aerobics are mainly slow twitch.  Anaerobics are mainly fast twitch.

View the videos WE Produced with IFBB world champ Khun Sitthi Charoenrith & Ms. World Figure Diane Jardm Stratton


January 2009: James Timmons professor of exercise biology, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh UK,  has studied the effects of bursts of intense exercise .. or intervals.  Dr. Timmons reports that intervals could reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease substantially

  • Dr. Timmons recommends 4 x 30 second sprints intervals at least three times a week.

  • In 2 weeks insulin utilization improved 23% .. as reported in the BMC Endocrine Disorders Journal.

  • Add intervals to an aerobic routine to work both types of muscle for optimum physiologic benefit.

  • Slow twitch muscles have a higher concentration of mitochondria, or the cellular source of energy.
  • Slow twitch muscles are the basis of endurance.
  • Because there are 2 types of muscle fibers with different functions it is necessary to perform a variety of exercise modalities to stimulate both types of fibers in as many muscle groups as possible.
Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.


Continuous circuits of anaerobic movements ( w/ compound drop setsintervals ) combining synergistically into an excellent systemic aerobic session.

A goal of this program is that over a period of months a beginner has moved to some advanced techniques.

Dr Vicki Harber, University of Alberta,  "Generally, low-intensity activity such as walking alone is not likely to give anybody marked health benefits."

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Combined with our advanced training techniques optimize benefit. Utilizing advanced weight training techniques.

Scientists found the risk of coronary heart disease could be cut by up to 55% if people became physically active by 40.

Not a workout warrior?  Need help with exercise movement details?  Lotsa Links to Exercise sites

We boil at different degrees. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

You can't always get what you want. But if you try, sometimes you'll get what you need. ~  The Stones

Circuit Training's Lighter weights / higher reps are conducive to fewer injuries!

Ms. World Figure Demonstrates Circuit Training Video .. 8 1/2 minute video.

Our program's ultimate goal is to take advanced workout warriors to their lactic acid threshold!

If you have ever been there .. you will always want to return.

Each of us has a starting point:

  • Define & Accept your Starting Point!

  • Realistic assessment of your current physical situation and the setting of realistic goals is important.
  • Discretion is the better part of valor, over training or poor planning can be worse than no training.
    • This includes ignoring 'physical situations' .. or returning from injury to soon!!
    • Training ( exercise ) should prevent injuries, not cause them.
  • Benefits of Exercise.

    • No matter what your fitness level is or what your goals are, you will look and feel better when you regularly participate in a Comprehensive Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise  Program.

  • Beginners click here.   The first step is the hardest.


To optimize your investment you should monitor your personal response to a level of perceived exertion.


Researchers, led by Dr Bonnie Bruce from Stanford University, found a group of middle-aged runners experienced 25 per cent less muscle and joint pain than the other volunteers over the 14-year period studied

The simultaneous utilization and continuous rotation of principles from Circuit Training & Interval Training .. the logical combination of several exercise modalities into one complete routine is central to achieving our goal of optimal physiologic benefit.

Optimized health & well-being are very much interlaced with a well designed & properly executed exercise / fitness program.

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Our  Lactate Threshold Program takes interval training to the next level.  Intervals determined by lactate threshold.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.

We could be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Those who are optimizing their personal situation

  2. Those who want to optimize their personal situation

  3. Those who 'wish' they wanted to optimize their personal situation.

  4. This program will work for the top 2 groups.

Weight Lifting


Our focus is on injury free physiologic optimization. 

To accomplish this lofty goal we utilize a variety of tried & true workout principals. 

We utilize established successful exercise principals in a 21st century manner.

  • We utilize an array super sets & compound sets .. ALWAYS with drop sets always in the circuit training format.

  • 2005, International Journal of Sports Medicine reports that workouts utilizing drop sets & forced reps produce a 300% greater increase in HGH production than conventional sets.  Metabolic stress is directly related to HGH production.

  • 2003, Medicine & Science in Sport, reports that in a 12 week training program forced reps & drop sets resulted in a 10% greater fat loss.

  • May, 2007 Flex magazine has several articles reporting Circuit Training utilizing advanced routines to optimize benefit is the workout routine favored by several Professional Body Builders.

The doer alone learneth. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

   Proper nutrition is a physical necessity. 

This former competitive swimmer author became familiar with circuits & intervals while training with Caren Cone gold medal 1956 Melbourne Olympics & Joan Spillane, gold medal 1960 Rome Olympics.  Our coaches  Pat Paterson & Phil Hansel ( lifetime heroes, I love those guys! ) went on to become head coaches at the University of Arkansas & University of Houston.  Stanford coach & US Olympic coach Richard Quick was also in that pool.  What a group that was!  Even as a 12 - 15 year old, I appreciated how special they were & how lucky I was.


June, 2005 ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - A new study suggests that doing intense interval training for 20 minutes three times a week is just as effective at boosting strength and endurance as five to six hours of jogging or moderate cycling.

Mayo Clinic Report: Weight training: Improve your muscular fitness (duh?)

  • The body has separate and unique positive hormonal responses to the different exercise modalities.

  • Green Dash =Insulin
  • Yellow Line = Blood glucose
  • Red Line = HGH
  • Orange Line = Average Glucose

There are positive hormonal responses 

with both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

The synergistic benefits of our optimized program are overwhelming.

Our recommended program


Achieve the systemic physiological benefits of aerobic & anaerobic exercise in 1 program!

The consensus of the experts  (  Dr. Klatz, Dr. Giampapa and Dr. Di Pasquali ) is that the level of exercise necessary for physiologic optimization & hormonal stimulation is some what more strenuous than the level of exercise required for minimal cardiovascular benefit.

  • July, 2004. The 9th International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Report adds to the evidence that people with good cardiovascular health in mid-life may have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
  • Boston, AP, March 5, 2005.  The link between obesity and cancer is well established, the American Cancer Society's adoption of the cause marks an escalation of the war on obesity
    •  The American Cancer Society says for people who don't smoke, the most important ways to reduce cancer risk is by eating better, being active, and maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • February 21, 2005(AP) - A new study suggests men who engage in strenuous exercise can cut their risk of developing Parkinson's disease in half.
     Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health say previous studies have shown that physical activity helps protect a neuron that degenerates in people with Parkinson's disease. But they say this is the first comprehensive study of exercise and Parkinson's.
  • Sept. 8, 2004: NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - Runners over age 50 improve their performance more quickly than younger runners, a Yale study found, reinforcing past research on older athletes and the benefits they get from exercise.

  • "You can maintain a very high performance standard into the sixth or seventh decade of life," said lead researcher Dr. Peter Jokl.

  • Dec. 27, 2004 (HealthDayNews) -- A small new European study adds to the growing body of evidence that exercise can stave off mental decline in older people.
  • Ten years later, the researchers found that the reduction in mental ability was 2.6 times greater in the sedentary non-exercising group.
    • Dec. 27, 2004 (Bloomberg) -- Older men who either maintain or increase their physical activity as they age will keep more of their memory and thinking ability than those who don't, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology reported.


Men at least 70 years old who increased the amount of time or the intensity of their daily exercise over 10 years had no decline in mental acuity, the journal said, citing a European Union-sponsored study of men in Finland, Italy and the Netherlands.

The Ultimate Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise Program  provides an environment for an  injury free physiologically optimized total body aerobic and anaerobic workout.  This multi faceted exercise / workout program systematically exercises all the major muscle groups of the body in a thorough aerobic & resistive fashion.

Increasing the effectiveness of the 'cellular byproduct clearing system' will have a dramatic effect on demonstrated endurance.

Let lactate threshold be an exercise goal in addition to the 'aerobic pulse rate window'.

Exercising even one muscle to the lactate threshold has systemic hormonal impact!

This program is infinitely adjustable.  It can meet the needs of a novice as well as a highly trained pro.

A revolving non-stop combination of total body aerobics & anaerobics ..  optimized with interval training & circuit training

Logically combining the benefits of 2 exercise modalities into 1 synergistic fast paced program.

This program, while far from rocket science, is firmly based in the sciences of physiology.

A consultation with a physician is always recommended prior to entering into a new exercise, dietary or nutritional program.  You might want to print this page for review by your health care provider.

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