Advanced Workout / Weight Lifting / Circuit Training Concepts, Principles & Routines.

Advanced techniques that are easy to learn & fun to utilize.

Optimize workout results with time proven Weider Principles such as : Drop Sets on the left      &       Forced Reps on the right.

Use these Advanced techniques to TOTALLY aerobically & anaerobicaly work any muscle group with light-ish weight in one session!      The doer alone learneth. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Our focus is on injury free workouts with physiologic optimization.

  • To accomplish this lofty goal we utilize a variety of tried & true workout principals.

  • To accomplish this lofty goal we utilize a variety of tried & true workout principals.

  • We have not re invented the wheel or found a special secret.

We utilize established successful exercise principals in a 21st century manner.

Gold's Gym lore of Arnold going down the entire dumb bell rack doing drop sets.

"Do the rack" Drop Sets 'til Arnold cannot curl a 5 KG dumb bell!

  • Add intervals to an aerobic routine to work both types of muscle for optimum physiologic benefit.


Achieve the advantages of heavy lifting & intense aerobics in one total body workout utilizing lightish weights!.

I, personally, love it when I'm failing with a 5 kg weight!  Pump to the MAX!

.. cheatin' w/ 5kg dumb bells ..  YEAH! .


  • we strive to optimize positive results by combining proven successful workout modalities.

  • We utilize an array super sets & compound sets .. with drop sets & forced reps .. usually in a circuit training format.

  • Drop sets utilized with super sets & compound sets .. & always performed in our recommended circuit training format.

Example 1: A personal favorite advanced bicep technique:

  • Drop set concentration curls after my bicep routine.



Do a few sets WITH the videos + re watch the video every few weeks / months until you are 100% comfortable with proper utilization of these proven advanced techniques.


Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.    

a successful work out program is an injury free one.

  • January 2009: James Timmons professor of exercise biology, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh UK,  has studied the effects of bursts of intense exercise .. or intervals.  

  • Dr. Timmons recommends 4 x 30 second sprints intervals at least three times a week.

  • In 2 weeks insulin utilization improved 23% .. as reported in the BMC Endocrine Disorders Journal.

  • Drop sets allow for incorporating total muscle fiber involvement and maximum nuero-muscular connection utilization with joint & tendon friendly light-ish weight.

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  • 2005, International Journal of Sports Medicine reports that workouts utilizing drop sets & forced reps produce a 300% greater increase in HGH production than conventional sets.  Metabolic stress is directly related to HGH production.

  • 2003, Medicine & Science in Sport, reports that in a 12 week training program forced reps & drop sets resulted in a 10% greater fat loss.

  • May, 2007 Flex magazine has several articles reporting Circuit Training utilizing advanced routines to optimize benefit is the workout routine favored by several Professional Body Builders.

  • Drop set: Lower weight after failure, to pump out a few more reps.

    • Requires several pair of dumb bells ..

    • 1 pair that will result in failure at less than 20 reps & then 3 or 4 more pair of decreasing weight ..

    • Reps to failure: then pick up a lighter weight & go to failure &  then pick up a lighter weight & then....

    • Then you can finish it off with some compound sets or super sets ..

  • Forced reps: Training partner helps with a few more reps after failure.  

  • Requires a partner to help a little bit to help you get in a few more reps

  • Just a partners "light finger help" will make a few more reps possible.

  • Bench press party!

  • The interaction with a partner can be fun!

  • Drop sets can accomplish 'almost the same thing' & do not require a partner.

  • Pre-Exhaustion for Compound Movements. Tire the assisting muscle out & you use lower weight on movements where those muscles assist.

    • Useful when doing 'circuit compound sets' where one of the worked muscles requires a heavier weight.

    • Example:  A circuit compound chest routine of Dumb Bell Bench & Fly.

    • Obviously the bench weight is more than the fly weight.

    • So, work the triceps & delts before the Bench / Fly supersets.

    • By tiring muscles involved in the bench movement you have via pre exhaustion lowered the weight used for the bench to the weight used for flys.

    • NOW, non-stop 'circuit super sets' of bench / fly .. into 'circuit drop set super sets' bench fly .. drop .. drop .. drop..

All of our techniques are based on a premise of constant movement .. exercise to exercise..

Supersets: Back to back sets for the same muscle group or opposing muscle group.

  • Same muscle. ( Technically a compound set )

  • Exercising the same muscle with different movements will spread the 'exercise load' over the entire 'muscle group'.

    • Bench Press - Dumbbell Fly

  • Barbell Curl & Concentration Curl / Dumb Bell Curl / Hammer Curl / Reverse Curl..

    • A curl bar is a wonderful thing..

    • Over head triceps extension - cable press downs

    • .

Opposing muscle. Antagonist.

  • If you push, the corresponding pull is the antagonist.

    • Biceps Curls & Tricep Extensions.

    • Personal favorite:  Bench press / row.

    • Hamstrings - Quads


Partial reps: 1/2 way down for 8 reps, 1/2 up for 8 reps then 8 full reps.

  • I find most useful as a drop set / superset.

  • After a bicep routine.

  • Curl to mid level 8 reps, curl from mid level to top 8 reps, full movement curls 8 reps.

  • A personal favorite partial:

    • 1/2 way up X 8, top to 1, 2 way X 8, full fly X 8.

    • Now super set with dumb bell bench press.

    • Then more partial flys.

    • Now, drop set partials ..

    • :-)

Try This Optimized Total Body Aerobic Routine!

  • Start with a weight that will result in failure in less than 20 reps.

  • At failure immediately pick up the next lighter weight & go to failure.

    • 3 ( or 4 or 5 :-) sets of dumb bells with lighter & lighter weights.

    • Failure means pick up the lighter weight.

    • Take each weight to failure.

    • Amazing how "heavy" that light dumbbell is on that last rep!

  • Tales & lore of Arnold doing the rack, reps to failure down the entire dumb bell rack at Gold's Gym.

  • Superset:  Curls & Triceps extensions.  Back to back.

    • Curls & extensions with 0 rest, "back to back to back.." provides THE "upper arm" routine.

  • Superset w/ pre-exhaustion: Dumb bell bench press & fly.  Back to back.

    • I pre-exhaust with bench press.

      • I always compound set bench press & incline bench

    • After compound set pre exhaustion, I use the same weight dumb bells with press & flys.

      • Becomes a drop set bench press 'super set-ed' with partial flys!

    • With pre-exhaustion: Normally I would use a heavier weights for bench press than flys.

      • Pre-exhaustion allows using the same weight for both the bench & fly!

      • Makes for instant / constant tension super setting.

      • Instantly from bench to fly to bench.

  • Superset / Compound set: Dumb bell curl, reverse curl, hammer curl, concentration curl.  "Back to back to back".

    • Works all the bicep & forearm.

    • 3 or 4 circuit sets with 30 second second rest of this routine is amazing ..

    • utilize drop sets...

  • Superset/ compound set: Dumbbell press & lateral raises.

    • Dumb bell press, military press & lateral raises.

    • Again 3 or 4 circuits.

  • Drop set / pre exhaustion: 

    • Drop sets: Triceps exercises.

      • AFTER your regular triceps work.

      • To triceps movements to failure with 3 or 4 lighter weights .. tough to wash your back after this!

    •  A definite favorite: Drop set concentration curls after my bicep routine.

    • 3 or 4 sets of lighter & lighter & lighter dumb bells at my feet .. failure immediately to next lighter weight .. to failure .. next lighter dumb bell..

    Anaerobic exercise, optimized with circuit training Move quickly from one exercise to another with minimal rest.

    Aerobic exercise, optimized with interval training

    Short bursts of an unsustainable exertion pace.
    Some stretching or Yoga

    Flexibility is important to function & injury prevention.

    Lactic Acid & HGH

    There is a HGH release associated with lactic acid.

    HGH Releasing Products  Preworkout & Bedtime HGH Releasers.
    Weightlifting Video: Clips & Details Ms. World Figure & Mr. Bangkok demonstrate form & technique.
    Ultimate Total Body Routine! Try this, you'll like it!

Aerobic Workout Rhythm / Interval Training

  • During your aerobic training include short bursts of unsustainable exertion.

  • Increase workload / exertion by increasing pace or adding resistance. 

    • A short 'sprint' type ( pick up the pace even slightly ) interval then return to the original pace.

      • Fast sprints can lead to injury!

    • Increase the resistance instead of speed, get the same result with less chance of injury.

      • Indoor equipment generally has elevation & resistance adjustments.

      • A upper body program with lower body aerobics greatly increases workload = interval..

    • Seek hills, stands, river banks to provide increased resistance.

      • On one of my favorite aerobic routes is "Nemesis Hill" ( my affectionate name for my personal nemesis hill', 6 minutes of steady incline, I sometimes do interval sets on "Nemesis Hill".

      • On other routes I know where banks / hills are available.  Even a short 20 second bank 'climb' can be done over & over & over.

      • On the beach, leave the packed sand near the water & move into the soft sand for an interval.


  • A personal favorite is the use of dumbbells while on a stationary bike or treadmill.

  • This synergistic exercise program systematically exercises all the major muscle groups of the body in a thorough aerobic & anaerobic / resistive fashion.  

  • Aerobics utilizing the muscles of the upper body is equally as effective as aerobics for the muscles of the lower body for cardiovascular / endurance training.

  • In activities of daily living upper body endurance and strength are every bit, or even more important, as lower body strength and endurance.

  • Heavy Hands Revisited, by Clarence Bass, is an excellent article on total body aerobics.

  • 2 ways to use weights during a stationary bike or treadmill workout.

    • Use hand weights while pumping / striding.

      • A fairly complete upper body workout can be done on a treadmill or stationary bike.

      • Curls, presses, tricep extensions, lateral raises, shrugs.. 

      • + all the variations of the list!

      • Excellent total body aerobics.

      • Use heavier weights for intervals.

    • Get off the equipment & pick up heavier dumbells.

      • In the middle of the treadmill / bike / climber aerobics, get off the equipment & do 1 set each of curl, military press, and tricep extension, a set of 30 -  50.  Use heavier dumbbells & do 30 - 50 reps of the exercises with the heavier weights twice during the treadmill / bike / climber aerobics.

    • The participants in this aerobic exercise and strength building program experience a complete cardiovascular work out, muscle toning, calorie burning, metabolic enhancement, posture improvements, body shaping and weight loss in one complete program.