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Our valued friends & clients have experienced & understand our quality standard.

 if we don't take it  .. believe it ..  we don't recommend it! 

July, 2005: There is a strong possibility nutritional supplements will require a prescription under CAFTA. (Central American Free Trade Agreement)

We use only the highest quality pharmaceutical amino acids.

Some of the amino acids used in the successful HGH medical research studies are relatively inexpensive & some are extremely expensive!  Any product that does not list specific amino acid ratios / amounts is at best questionable. 

  • If the more expensive components are used properly, it will be prominently noted in the marketing material!    

    • If you are selling a Mercedes you will proudly call it a Mercedes, however if you are selling a "Yugo" you might want to be vague!  

    • Why would a quality product not list specific amino acid amounts & ratios?

  • We PROUDLY list specific ingredient amounts & ratios!

It is impossible to provide the level of nutrition used in the successful & PUBLISHED Medical Research HGH studies in a "spray".  The amount of amino acids needed for successful HGH releases is measured in grams.  Our HGH formulations contain 14 grams ( 14,000 mgs ) of Amino Acids per serving.