Daytime / Preworkout Formulation

The amino acid secretagogues in our DayTime Stack II have been recognized as effective for decades.

L Arginine .. L Glutamine .. L Ornithine .. L Glycine .. B-3 .. MSM .. individually provide benefit, combined in the  proper ratios the positive results are magnified multiple times!

We now provide 4 grams of Arginine Alpha-Ketogluterate per serving!

This amino acid research reported in Dr. Klatz' 1998 book, Grow Young with HGH, is based on long term benefits.

Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) in adults is now recognized as a specific clinical syndrome with characteristic symptoms and signs. Thus, the patients are overweight, have an abnormal body composition (excess body fat and a decrease in the extra-cellular water volume) and a low bone mineral content compared to normals. Furthermore, the GHD patients have lipid abnormalities, decreased insulin sensitivity. Finally, the "quality of life" is low in terms of energy and social life.

Low-dose HGH replacement programs improves body composition and Quality of Life as early as 1 month after commencement. Most importantly these changes occur in the absence of side-effects. We therefore suggest the use of low-dose GH therapy.

HRT has been established as an effective method of preventing osteoporosis, but the current findings indicate that it has a protective effect in elderly women who are already considered physically frail.