DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, is a natural hormone produced from cholesterol by the adrenal glands.

DHEA is said to "the mother of all hormones".Over 1/2 of testosterone is produced from DHEA.

Natural DHEA production peaks in our mid-20s.


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Women and men respond equally to DHEA.

In one of the first DHEA research projects in England [Bulbrook, 1962, 1971] discovered that DHEA was abnormally low in women who developed breast cancer.

  • DHEA is rather unique hormone, there are no known DHEA receptors in the body.
  • DHEA is the mystery hormone, no one knows exactly how it does what it does in the body.
  • DHEA readily converts to estrogen in women & to testosterone in men.
  • About the only thing that 45 years of research has determined is that DHEA is easily converted into other hormones, especially estrogen and testosterone.
  • Men have higher DHEA levels than women.
  • Once we reach about 30 there is a steady decline in natural production,
    • The average 70-year-old has only 30% of the DHEA in circulation that he or she had 50 years earlier.
    • Our natural production of DHEA declines from about 30 mg in our 20s to less than 6 mg per day after age 70.
    • 60 YO Author note:  DHEA has had a major positive effect on me personally.  DHEA had a positive effect on several areas of my life.  Sleep, Exercise Tolerance + an enhanced outlook on life!


Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.


Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.

The most abundant hormone in a 25 year old mans body is DHEA!

Dr. William Regelson, University of Virginia School of Medicine reports that DHEA is "one of the best biochemical bio-markers for chronologic age.

+ DHEA supplementation results in an almost immediate improved sense of physical well-being.

DHEA was first identified as a unique hormone in the early 60's by French researcher Dr. Emile-Etienne Baulieu.

  • In Europe DHEA is a prescription medication often used to treat menopause.
    • In the EU DHEA is available as a prescription drug in 5 and 10 mg doses (although it has been hard to obtain). It is used primarily for the treatment of menopause
    • In women derive over 75% of their estrogen from it and nearly 100% after menopause.
  • There are no known drug or nutrient interactions associated with DHEA.

If animal results hold true with primates, supplemental DHEA may prevent disease, reduce mortality, and extend lifespan in humans.

Another huge benefit of DHEA is its ability to help the body burn calories for energy rather than store them as fat.  DHEA blocks an enzyme named G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase) that is not only essential for fat tissue production but also promotes cancer cell growth  

In several independent studies DHEA in rodent carcinogenesis and tumor induction, DHEA has preventative effects.

 Another study investigating the anti-cancer properties of DHEA, with mice Schwartz (1979), identified powerful cancer protective effects in mice on a DHEA supplementation.

Elizabeth Barrett-Conor, MD, charted DHEA levels in 242 men, ages 50-79, for twelve years. She initially reported that 100mcg/dl increase in the DHEA sulfate level was associated with a 36% reduction in death from cardiovascular disease.

Neuronal degenerative or brain conditions occur most frequently when DHEA levels are lowest,

Much of DHEA's reputation as a wonder hormone comes from experiments in which mice or rats were fed daily doses. Such studies have shown that DHEA can prevent or delay the onset of cancer, "hardening" of the arteries, lethal viral infections, lowered immunity, obesity, and diabetes. But what works in rodents doesn't necessarily work in humans

The Biologic Role of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), edited by Mohammed Kalimi and William Regelson [1990].   Is the definitive research source.

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