Issan: Eastern Thailand, Land of the Khmen & Lao

In my opinion some of the more interesting antiquities and cultural diversities exist in Issan .. on the Korat Plateau.

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Near Udon where there are remnants of a bronze age civilization dating back 5000 years.

Near Buri Ram / Surin / Korat where incredible Khmer castles are located.

Issan is a touring sight see-ers dream .. water falls, rock formations, temples ... snack stops




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In Buri Ram & Surin see traditional working elephants in the fields & on the road ways.

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Both Udon ( eastern border with Laos) and Ubon ( western Issan, on the border near Cambodia ) are accessible via air or rail from Bangkok. 

The culture of Issan near Laos is  very Lao while the part of Issan near the Cambodian border is very Khmen.

There are no first class trains to Ubon or Udon but there are first class trains to Korat, about half way to either.  The trains are used by local residents and you get to see the natural terrain & vegetation,  usually from an unspoiled railway point of view.  

The images of elephants working in the rice fields of Buri Ram Province ( between Surin & Korat ) are etched in my brain.

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