Your Thailand Tour Guide should have a 'full quiver' of narratives ( animated, please! ) on Thai society / Thai history / relevance and be able to present appropriate options relevant to any issue at hand. 

A good  tour guide is an entertainer.+ Guides must REALLY enjoy being the center of attention.

A good guide is a wealth of 'constant information' & 'knowledge based suggestions' relevant to common situations.

It is impossible to know everything, but a good guide should be an accomplished student of LANGUAGE, geography, history, local traditions & societal standards.

Thailand The Land of Smiles.  General Information about Thailand. Thailand History.  6000 years from the world's 1st bronze age culture to 21st century economic status and political enviroment. Thailand Medical Tourism:  Globalization that benefits the individual not the globalized corporation Bangkok Thailand where the Ancient Far East has melded with the 21st century West. Issan The archaeology & culturally rich Easter Region of Thailand Chiang Mai and The Golden Triangle Region of Northern Thailand Thailand Islands & Beaches are recognized to be some of the most beautiful on the Planet Thailand is a shoppers paradise.  From custom silk clothing, to electronics, to Asian antiques .. it's all in Thaialnd Thailand Gyms.  Your best Thai souvenir could by your professionally designed exercise program. The right Thailand Tour Guide will make your vacation the most memorable of your life Thailand offers quality hotels from unbelievely inexpensive to 6 star opulence. Thailand English Language Newspapers by region Bangkok offers world class entertianment venues .. from down home music venues to world class resturants. Elephants are the national symbol of Thailand.  The Thai people love Chang Thai massage is theraputic & quite wonderful .. be sure to experience Thai massage.


Expect entertainment & adventure enhancement!

Thai Visas come in 4 flavors: Tourist, Work, Marriage & Retirement.

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Chiang Mai / Golden Triangle

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Elephant Park

Thai Islands

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Work at  Ayutthaya Elephant Reserve

2 day 1 night leave from Bangkok

10 Day Elephant Trek in Laos.

Thai Royal Elephant Museum

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Even a Bangkok Taxi with the right driver can make for an excellent short trip.

  • If you find a favored in city driver inquire about day trips.

  • Taxis are not good for a multi day trip .. but for short day trips they are excellent.

  • or take a guide with you on the train & then arrange transportation in Issan.

  • The train ride is 'different' & the roads congested.  I take the train at every opportunity.

  • Another train option is to return to Bangkok via train while the driver returns on his own.

A bilingual guide w/ included transportation should be less than 3500 BT ( $80. + meals & tip ) per day.  Repeat visits to the toured locations sans guide is 'kosher' .. but be sure to get phone numbers + names & directions written in Thai if you intend on 'self guiding'.

  • Realistically, 85% of the tourist clients ask the same basic 25 questions & 99% ask questions from an expanded list of 100 questions.

    • Answer the same question twice a day for 10 years & your SHOULD have the answer down pat.

  • A guide should be a negotiation facilitator & product validity consultant.

Thailand Medical Tourism ( the savings on 1 tooth repair can pay for an economy vacation! )

The advantage of 'personal guide' vs 'tour group' is that the big group can only go to places prepared for 'tourist groups'.. locals generally do not frequent 'tour group' locations, due to higher prices & tourist congestion.

Tour Guide Management Tip #1:  A guide returning to a shop after your purchase is returning to receive his commission.  The guide is your representative & should not receive compensation from shops he recommends without prior notice.

  • The 'standard tour group scheduled locations' are generally interesting in their own right.

  • If there are a lots of tourist & few locals, it's probably not a good place to shop for 'special items'.

  • Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand . 72 kg Muaythai extravaganza comprises 8 invincible contenders all over the world. The winner gets 1,000,000 Baht. More detail ... lots of pics of Thai Professional Muay Thai Boxers.

Have a yen to travel?  TESOL / TEFL can be a good career choice.


 Golden Triangle  




Bangkok Thailand Hotels & Apartments w/Free WiFi    Thai 10 digit dialing directions w/ "Thai time" clock

Bangkok / Pattaya / Hua Hin Road Map  Golden Triangle Road Map   Issan Road Maps(3) 

Google " Thailand Tour Guide " for all the options: 


  Nice Houses on Phuket from 10,000 Tbt per month. ( $250US, Euro 200 per month )
  • It may take a couple of short preliminary 'afternoon' outings to sort out the guide that best meets your needs, both personality & knowledge, for day long or multi-day excursions.

    • 'Odds are' the same request / agenda will result in assorted outcomes.

    • An area of particular interest:  antiques, furniture, jewelry, art, temples.  Any interest, could be investigated in more than 1 outing with more than 1 guide.

    • This is an area of great benefit ( guides ) but few guarantees.

  • Ask about day shopping / trip options & fees / prices.  His fee, transportation method & cost, ect.

    • How much more is a new Volvo worth over a raggedy city taxi for a multi hour trip?

    • & Then if the guide / driver does provide a quality & memorable experience. tip 'um~!~!

  • Know that MOST of the guides will receive commission or have a business arrangement with the shops they recommend.

  • Know that a (rich) tourist is viewed as an income / business opportunity, a friendly business opportunity but a necessary income opportunity none the less.  

  • Always remember that you are their "tourist client"  & temper their recommendations with your common sense. 

    •  & the "Thai tourism contractor" is entitled to make a good living   

    • Respect the 'Thai tourism professional' & compensate your guides & amenity providers generously! :-)

    • Do not expect them to work for free, westerners can view the Thai culturally based friendship offered as a sign of non-professionalism.


Thailand Newspapers in English

Thailand Resources


Probably the easiest & safest way is to tour Issan is to hire a car and driver in BKK.

A third option is to take the train to Korat, Buri Ram City or Surin & hire a 'pick up truck' guide.

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In 'larger shopping center' type stores prices are relatively fixed.  No point is negotiating with a sales person / clerk in a department store, grocery store, restaurant over a 'minor retail buy'.

Thai Domestic Flight Schedule ( Phuket Air )

Thai Domestic Flight Schedule ( Thai Air )