A History of GH Therapy.

  • Natural Anterior Pituitary Growth Hormone (GH) is Somatotropin (endogenous human Growth Hormone, AKA hGH).

  • Natural Anterior Pituitary Growth Hormone (hGH) is biologically an organic protein comprised of amino acids .. 191 amino acids in a specific sequence.

Before the bio-science research begun in the 1970s resulted in biosynthetic organic protein hormones in the 1980s, hormone replacement utilized donor hormones & hormones derived from animal sources.

  • Prior to the medical advances of the 1980s, Insulin came from sheep & GH was extracted from the brains of donor cadavers.

  • 21st century Bio-Science allows doctors to treat patients with relatively inexpensive bio-identical rDNA derived hormones.

  • The treatment options available to informed doctors has increased geometrically with the treatment options provided by 21st century bio-science

50 years: 1958 Somatotropin, endogenous >> 1985 met-GH Somatrem, not bio-identical >> 1993 .. 2009 rhGH Somatropin, bio-identical rDNA derived


Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.
  • 1958: Cadaver GH.  Tufts University School of Medicine researcher Dr. Maurice Raben treated a 17 year old patient with Growth Hormone extracted from cadaver Anterior Pituitary glands.

    • From 1958 - 1985 hGH / Somatotropin was extracted from cadaver brains & was responsible for many cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) due to contaminated CNS material in the GH extracted from the cadaver's brain.

    • Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) is the human form of spongiform encephalopathy, the bovine form of spongiform encephalopathy is commonly known as Mad Cow Disease.  Both are transmitted through contaminated Central Nervous System (CNS = brain & spinal cord) material. 

    • The hGH used from 1958 until 1985 was extracted from the brain / Anterior Pituitary gland /  of donor cadavers.

    • Only a small amount of GH could be obtained from a single cadaver, so it was necessary to extract small amounts of GH from the Anterior Pituitary of multiple cadaver brains to obtain even a single day's dose.

    • The number of cadavers necessary to supply a single patient with daily injections for 5 years is dumb founding.  With each additional cadaver the chance for contaminated brain material being injected increased.

  • 1985: Non-Bio-Identical biosynthetic "met-hGH" / Somatrem was patented by Genentech & the possibility of CJD with hGH ended!

    • 1985: Bio-Tech giant Genentech patented 1st generation biosynthetic rhGH Somatrem, methionyl-growth hormone or met-GH.  Biosynthetic Somatrem ended the potential of CJD, Crutchfield-Jacobs Disease.

    • Somatrem met-GH is a 192 amino acid molecule. while Somatotropin is a 191 amino acid molecule. (met-GH as opposed to GH).

    • Several adult hormone replacement medical clinics initially offer met-GH as a cost saving option .. about $100 per month in savings

    • By asking if the recommended prescription is "Somatrem or Somatropin .. & the # of amino acids in the molecule" an informed patient can easily determine what the medication actually is.  You might be surprised how the clinic's telephone consultants will dance around that issue!


  • 1993 rDNA derived & bio-identical Somatropin rhGH was patented by Genentech.
    • GH (natural endogenous GH) & biosynthetic rhGH both have 191 amino acids in a specific human DNA determined sequence.
    • The Anterior Pituitary secreted hGH molecule, endogenous Somatotropin,  has 191 amino acids in a specific organic structure. 191 Amino Acid Sequence designates the position each of the 191 amino acids holds in the human GH molecule's amino acid structure. (A change of even 1 amino acid alters the molecule's properties.)

    • rhGH is produced by laboratory bacteria that have the human gene for hGH production spliced into the DNA of the bacteria.  The rhGH is biologically identical to hGH .. both produced by instructions / code from the the human gene that regulates protein hormone production.

You could say that rhGH production is outsourced to bacteria with 21st century rDNA .


rDNA derived rhGH Somatropin.

  • Molecular Biologists can now insert (splice) human DNA into the DNA of laboratory bacteria forming recombinant DNA (= rDNA).

    • recombinant DNA (rDNA) is formed by the addition of the chosen / selected DNA into an organism's DNA .. creating rDNA.

  • The bacteria's rDNA now has human genetic code spliced into the bacteria's DNA.

  • The created rDNA bacteria are biologically engineered to produce bio-identical human proteins.

    • Bacteria can produce bio-identical recombinate organic proteins, such as human Growth Hormone or Insulin.

  • 2009.  rDNA derived rhGH is produced by the same human genetic code that enables secretion of human Anterior Pituitary GH.

    • This bacterial recombinant DNA (rDNA) enabled genetic code results in bacterial secretion of specific organic human proteins as directed by the human genetic code that is spliced into the bacteria's DNA.

2009: rhGH research is currently focused on rhGH delivery & medication 1/2 life.

2008 marked 50 Years of Doctor Prescribed injectable hGH Therapy.

  • The University of California at San Francisco is naming it's new research center after rDNA derived Growth Hormone pioneer, William J. Rutter.

  • William Rutter was involved in the original 1952 DNA development & remains a global Bio-Science leader in 2009.

    "....there were approaches to human biology, both at the molecular genetics level and the developmental biology level, that were going to open up vistas that were not there before,"  ~ William Rutter

  • The William J. Rutter Center is situated on the UCSF campus across from Genentech Hall, the campus' other major research building.

    • UCSF Genentech Hall is part of a legal settlement. 

    • UCSF won a court decision that rhGH was partially discovered & developed on the UCSF campus & that Genentech owed UCSF part of Genetech's $2,000,000,000. profit on rhGH.

    • UCSF got $200,000,000 + $50,000,000 for a new medical school annex at Mission Bay.

    • The schools bio-science research labs are in the same building as the main campus UCSF Medical School.

    • It was scientists at UCSF that isolated the gene involved in the production of human growth hormone.

  • Genentech Pharmaceuticals patented biosynthetic Insulin in 1982 as well as patenting biosynthetic hGH in 1985

    • Genentech Pharmaceutical (NYSE:DNA) remains the leader in hGH research holding the 1993 patent on Somatropin

    • The structure of DNA was discovered in 1953 by James Watson & Francis Crick.

    • San Francisco is the hot bed of bioscience.

      • Stanford 1972: The first recombinant DNA (rDNA) molecule was produced.  2 pieces of DNA was spliced together

      • UCSF 1973: frog DNA was gene spliced into living bacteria DNA.

      • 1983: Genentech patents biosynthetic Insulin.  Prior to Genetech's work injectable human Insulin came from animals.

      • 1985: Genentech patents Met-GH.  The first biosynthetic medication for GH therapy.  Prior to Genentech's work GH was obtained form the brains of cadavers.

      • 1993: Genentech patents rhGH.  A rDNA derived organic protein that is bio-identical, amino acid for amino acid, with the naturally produced organic protein. 

      Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.  
  • Green Dash = Insulin
  • Orange Line = Average Glucose
  • Yellow Line = Blood Glucose.
  • Redline = hGH

  • There are separate positive hormonal responses with aerobics and anaerobics

    The systemic benefits from proper exercise can be life changing.

    For optimal physiologic benefit combine aerobic & anaerobic exercise.

    What's the difference between aerobic & anaerobic?

    Somatropin is 21st century prescription rhGH .. biologically identical with endogenous / natural hGH.

    If the jocks got their prescription rhGH from a pharmacy with a MD's prescription they violated baseball rules but did break any law. 

    hGH is 100% legal with MD's prescription & dispensed by a licensed pharmacy.

    To limit "selective age associated medical modalities" for Professional Athletes but allow other career enhancing / career extending modalities is definitely Medical Discrimination.

    rhGH use is currently not detected by any tests because rhGH is identical to natural GH.  GH is a naturally produced hormone which is produced in lesser & lesser amounts as part of the aging process. 

    Modern rhGH has been utilized by millions of adults for over 15 years ..  when Somatropin is used as prescribed there are few reported negative effects

    True rhGH is always prescription .. & to this point (Fall 2009) via injection only.

    hGH is endogenous / naturally produced human Growth Hormone. "HGH Secretagogues" or "HGH Releasers" are specific amino acids & nutrients that stimulate hormonal release.

    & "HGH" Sprays are stupid .. immeasurable concentration .. advertised as nanogram concentrations literally a drop in an Olympic pool!