Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.    

Your body’s hormonal levels are tightly regulated by numerous chemical messengers including macronutrients, neurotransmitters, and hormones.

Appropriate exercise, proper rest & planned nutrition (intelligent life style?) are required for optimal benefit.

Combining Nutritional Supplementation with Synergistic Exercise “puts a double whammy on fat & aging.”  

Controlling hormone levels is the best way to improve both body composition and to slow down aging.  Hormone levels can be controlled through dietary supplementation of amino acid secretagogues, exercise and prescription medications. 

If  we consider aging a disease and not just a normal occurrence, it follows that anyone who wants to maintain their youthful vigor and endurance should include an effective growth hormone stimulation therapy as part of their health regiment.

Synergy: Exercise and supplementation are synergistic.

A high protein / lowish carb diet increases HGH secretion, see Complete Nutrition Matters.

  • Green Dash =Insulin
  • Yellow Line = Blood glucose
  • Red Line = HGH
  • Orange Line = Average Glucose

There are positive hormonal responses 

with both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Raising HGH through both proper exercise & nutrition is well documented.   Properly combine to optimize your personal situation.>

  1. Increased Growth Hormone secretion.

  2. Fat Loss.  Burn more fat.

  3. Increased muscle mass and strength.   Increase muscle mass.

  4. Improvement in immune response.  Improve immune function.

  5. Improved quality of life.  

  6. Increase skin thickness.

  7. Improved quality of life.


Amino Acid Secretagogues?  Synergistic Nutrients?  HGH Release?

Raising HGH through exercise is well documented.

The list of Exercise Benefits is parallel to the effects of Growth Hormone Stimulation.

  • A fall in blood glucose such as during exercise causes an increase in HGH secretion.

  • Properly combined amino acids & synergistic nutrients, secretagogues, is well documented to increase HGH release.

  • We recommend a 1 - 2 hour water fast, the secretagogue stack & the comprehensive Aerobic / Anaerobic Exercise program.

The outlined total body Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise Fitness Program is synergistic with a comprehensive program of planned secretagogue supplementation. Home Page