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 The AntiAging & Longevity Project was founded in 1998 by a baby boomer Registered Nurse (DOB: 1946)

The scariest part of middle age is the knowledge that you'll grow out of it! ~ Doris Day

August 30, 2011:  I'm 65 this year.  I have pancreatic cancer with multiple metastatic abdominal lesions.  (anybody want a good dog? :-o)

IMHO, rhGH probably had something to do with the rapid cancer metastasis (more lesions in the liver than the radiologist could count) but not the cancer it's self.

History of Prescription hGH.  50 years:  From cadaver gland extraction (1958) to rDNA derived ( today )


The doer alone learnth. ~ Nietzsche

  • February 14, 2008: ABC News: rhGH replacement given in the appropriate dosage has minimal negative side effects.

  • CNN 2007: human Growth Hormone dosages required to produce negative side effects are much higher than prescribed.


Adult rhGH auto-injection devices.

  • AntiAging Medicine emerged as a field of medical specialty in the early '90s when many baby boomers elected to not accept the status quo regarding the inevitable progression of several common medical conditions / medical diagnosis commonly associated with aging.

  • Informed baby boomers know that many of the most debilitating conditions associated with aging are actually treatable conditions utilizing readily available FDA approved 21st century medicine. (much like infections were pre-antibiotics, many medical conditions are not treatable with 19th century medical technology /  leeches)

CBS 60 Minutes: Medical tourism story featured Bangkok's Bumrungrad Hospital pictured above

Both Medicare & AARP were resistant to discussing the details of the Medicare Part B / Part D  or the supplement with anyone who was not on Medicare or  immediately eligible for Medicare.  Why?


In 2010 I took my uninsured arse to Thailand for some affordable dental care.. 3 crowns & a bridge.  my savings (compared to my uninsured cost in the US) on the dental paid for a month long tropical vacation.

  • Thai price & meds are same same as Canada or France ..Mexico or Panama .. My personal medication expenses are 300% more in the US than my cost at  licensed pharmacies / hospitals around the planet.

April 22, 2008: NBC News: Mainstream Physicians Join Anti-Aging Movement.

  • There is a consensus that hormone replacement therapy can have .. often has .. a positive effect on many of the medical conditions associated with aging. 

If you live to 100 you have it made .. very few people die after the age of 100.  Groucho Marx

Medicare should hire a team of RN Case Managers to control the escalating totally non-negotiated Medicare expenses.  rhGH, Omnitrope, is available under Medicare with the Medicare Part D Pharmaceutical Supplement.

The Endocrinology of Aging: Many age associated mental & medical conditions are based in declining endocrine function

  • At 40 endogenous GH is about 75% that of a 25-30 year old ... production is 25% less & maybe you feel a little different.

  • At 50 endogenous GH is about 55% that of a 25-30 year old... the 45% decline combines with accumulated deficit & you feel it.

  • At 60 endogenous GH is about 40% that of a 25-30 year old... a 60% decline + the effects snow ball.

rhGH (recombinant human Growth Hormone, Somatropin) is a bio-synthetic hormone replacement medication that is rDNA derived & bio-identical w/ 191 amino acid sequence endogenous (naturally produced) Anterior Pituitary hGH (Somatotropin)

Amazon.com's AntiAging Bookstore.

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 Supplements supplement a complete diet .. not replace a complete diet.

You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60.  She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is. ~Ellen DeGeneres

There are separate positive hormonal responses with aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise


  • Green Dash = Insulin
  • Orange Line = Average Glucose
  • Yellow Line = Blood Glucose.
  • Redline = hGH


    The systemic benefits from proper exercise can be life changing.

    For optimal physiologic benefit combine aerobic & anaerobic exercise.

    What's the difference between aerobic & anaerobic?

    To limit "selective age associated medical modalities" for Professional Athletes but allow other career enhancing / career extending modalities is definitely Medical Discrimination.

    • To deem 1 medical diagnosis as more worthy of treatment than another diagnosis is the 1st step down the road to Sarah Palin's predicted death panels.

    • 21st century pharmaceutical research for cures to common medical conditions will continue unabated by baseball's ill informed rhGH rule  ..or the NL's no designated hitter rule.

    "If I'd know I was going to live this long I'd taken better care of my self" ~ Mickey Mantle (1931-1995)


    That's me above getting my prescriptions filled .. at 1/3 US prices.

    Medical Tourism: a realistic solution to the outrageous cost of US medical care.

    • Medical tourism is high tech globalization / outsourcing for the individual's benefit

    • CBS 60 Minutes Featured Report on Medical Tourism. CBS reports that American / European educated doctors & HUGE savings are the main motivators for the 750,000 (mostly uninsured) American who traveled overseas for health care in 2006.

    • PLEASE, doubt me .. but, read the CBS report on medical tourism

    • An uninsured American can easily pay for an exotic 1st class vacation with savings on medical care.

      • The savings on a physical with COMPLETE LABORATORY WORK (required for MANY prescriptions) can pay for a very nice vacation!

      • Prescription medications are 1/3 the US price (outside the price controlled corrupt US pharmaceutical system.  .. Canada, Mexico, France .. or Thailand)

      • 1 dental bridge can pay for a nice vacation ..  or the savings on cosmetic dental front veneers ($250 vs $1000 per tooth) pays for a deluxe vacation.

      • My US doc used my us$250 MRI to evaluate surgical options.

      • & the us $250 CT Scan determined the spot on my lung x-ray was an old scar not a potential future problem.

    Appropriate exercise is necessary to achieve optimized aging.  Exercise that challenges our strength & endurance has a powerful effect on our bodies .. at the cellular level.

    "Everyone over 40 years old would be wise to investigate adult HRT because it improves the quality of your life."  rhGH Advocate Sylvester Stallone in People Magazine.  Compare Sly to other 63 YO guys .. he is still a vibrant man with pride in his stride, definitely not a shufflin' old codger!

    A hard man is good to find. ~ Mae West             It's not the men in my life, it's the life in my men. ~ Mae West

    Health and Quality of Life define Personal Wealth. You're never to old to become Healthier ..Wealthier.

    rhGH is appropriately prescribed for aging adults with adult onset low human growth hormone production & is documented to improve body composition (muscle mass / fat ratio).

    The benefits of adult rhGH Therapy are well documented by 1000s of medical research studies (& daily at baseball stadiums). .

    We could be divided into 3 groups:

    • Those who are optimizing their personal situation

    • Those who want to optimize their personal situation

    • Those who 'wish they wanted to' optimize their personal situation

    All it takes for the wishers & wanters to join the achievers is a sincere desire to optimize their personal situation / life.

    stop smokin', drink intelligently, exercise .. & use protection when you should

    50 years: 1958 Somatotropin, endogenous >> 1985 met-GH Somatrem, not bio-identical >> 1993 .. 2009 rhGH Somatropin, bio-identical rDNA derived

    A low calorie diet is definitely on the route to graceful aging.

    A man 40 years old has less than 1/2 the testosterone a man of 25 has.

    Synopsis of the FDA's Chief Medical Officer's report to Congress on rhGH:

    • rhGH (injectable recombinant human Growth Hormone) is approved to treat the medical conditions associated with growth hormone deficiency, either adult or childhood onset. 

    • The US FDA states rHGH therapy is safe, effective & scientifically / medically justified.

    • "..the Agency (US FDA) has approved a number of biological products, such as human growth hormone, under the FD&C Act."
    • "..recombinant human growth hormone product approved .. (2) long-term replacement therapy in adults with growth hormone deficiency either childhood or adult onset."
    • "..applicable to the prevention, treatment or cure of a disease or condition of human beings... safety and effectiveness is scientifically justified." (PHS Act §351(i), 42 U.S.C §262(i)) 

    Long term medical research HAS BEEN COMPLETED regarding hGH therapy. 

    2008 marked 50 Years of Doctor Prescribed injectable hGH Therapy.

    • Modern rhGH has been utilized by millions of adults for over 15 years ..  when Somatropin is used as prescribed there are few reported negative effects

    • In 1958 Tufts University School of Medicine researcher Dr. Maurice Raben treated a 17 year old patient with Growth Hormone extracted from cadaver Anterior Pituitary glands.

    •  Natural Anterior Pituitary hGH is SomatotropinSomatotropin had the potential to cause Crutchfield-Jacobs Disease, CJD, which is similar to Mad Cow Disease.
      • Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) is the human form of spongiform encephalopathy, the bovine form of spongiform encephalopathy is commonly known as Mad Cow Disease.  Both are transmitted through contaminated Central Nervous System material.  From 1958 - 1985 Somatotropin was extracted from cadaver brains & was a source of contaminated CNS material.

    • 1985: Bio-Tech giant Genentech patented 1st generation biosynthetic rhGH Somatrem, methionyl-growth hormone or met-GH.  Biosynthetic Somatrem ended the potential of CJD, Crutchfield-Jacobs Disease. Somatrem met-GH is a 192 amino acid molecule.

    • 1993-2009: Genentech's second generation biosynthetic rhGH, Somatropin, is rDNA derived & bio-identical w/ the 191 amino acid sequence of Anterior Pituitary Gland secreted endogenous human Growth Hormone, Somatotropin.

    Somatropin is 21st century prescription rhGH .. biologically identical with endogenous / natural hGH.

    July, 2009: Israeli rhGH producer Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd has announced an US FDA approved rhGH delivery system that eliminates needles.

    • Israeli pharmaceutical giant Teva's highest quality recombinate human growth hormone (rhGH) product Tev-Tropin / Somatropin is widely dispensed by pharmacies / medical clinics that specialize in adult hormone replacement.

    October, 2009:  Britain's Critical Pharmaceuticals has secured a £1.5m / us $2.5m grant from the Wellcome Trust to develop a nasal spray of Human Growth Hormone (hGH) using its proprietary CriticalSorb technology.

    In response to several professional jocks marketing an amino acid hGH releaser the chairman of The World Anti-Doping Agency, Dr. Gary Wadler the Manhasset-based sports and drugs expert, reports:

    .. there is medical proof that "certain non-prescription amino acid products can transiently increase the production of human growth hormone"

    • There is no doubt that proper amino acid Secretagogue supplementation increases natural hGH production!

    • 2005 Syracuse University: Dr. Jim Stoppani, : A Research Project on men between 18 & 35 has published a report showing that that 6 grams to 9 grams of Arginine acts as a HGH Secretagogue. A 9 gram L-Arginine serving increased serum HGH by over 60%, from 4mcg/liter to 6.5 mcg/liter.

    • 9 grams = 9 - 18 large capsules!  & Why we ONLY recommend powder Secretagogue formulations!

  • Amino Acid Secretagogues .. hGH Releasers are not prescription & are sold in retail stores, not pharmacies.


    Prescription Testosterone ($60 per month)  can be injectable or cream (prescription rhGH is always injected).  Testosterone enhancers are not prescription & sold in retail stores.

     Directions on how to make your own custom nutritional stack / Secretagogue stack.  You can design / make  a 1st thing in the morning stack, pre-workout stack, post-workout stack and pre-sleep stack.. each  customized  for time of day & situation.  By mixing your own stacks you can optimize for your metabolism or goals.

    Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.

    August 1996 the US Food & Drug Administration approves prescription injectable rhGH treatment for adults. 

    August 18, 2009: Human growth hormone (HGH) might be a key element in feeling your best as you age..

    • The worst scenario nay-sayers contend that there could be future unknown medical issues  . no objective negative findings to report on a prescription medication that has been prescribed for over 10 years to millions of adult patients to treat Adult GH deficiency .

      • The US FDA reports: a "..finding of (ED: rhGH's) safety and effectiveness is scientifically justified."

    Early Retirement .. At what age should one retire to maximize Social Security Benefits?

  • April 18, 2008. LA Chronicle: The (prescription) hormone injections have proven to offer amazing health benefits.

    July 29, 2003. Human Growth Hormone Gets New FDA Approved Use

    •  The Food and Drug Administration has OK'd the use of growth hormone for children who are healthy but abnormally short and who hope to gain 1 to 3 inches of height.*  ( *Our focus is for adult benefit only.)  News article link.

    Secretagogues require no prescription: Amino Acids that stimulate the endocrine system to increase hormonal secretions.

    • 2005 Syracuse University: Dr. Jim Stoppani, Flex Magazine: A Research Project on men between 18 & 35 has published a report showing that that 6 grams to 9 grams of Arginine acts as a HGH Secretagogue. 

    • A 9 gram L-Arginine serving increased serum HGH by over 60%,  from 4mcg/liter to 6.5 mcg/liter.

    Buy Secretagogues / HGH Releasers from the Secretagogue Store

    • If you have a damaged Anterior Pituitary or Hypothalamus gland Secretagogues will not work for you.  These glands must be intact for the Secretagogue supplementation to work.

    • By combining specific amino acids and other synergistic nutrients we can trigger desired responses by specific glands. 

      • The basis for increasing the Human Growth Hormone level is the use of HGH releasers or agonists.

    • Secretagogues are substances that stimulate the endocrine system to increase growth hormone secretions.

      • One would be hard pressed to find a 21st century exercise or nutrition publication that does not tout the benefits of amino acid supplementation.

    • Amino Acid Nutritional Stacks based on published research.

      • Amino Acid HGH Secretagogue Stacks that are comparable to the recommendations cited in Dr. Klatz' 1998 research, published in his 1998 book, "Grow Young With HGH".

      • A 300+ page book providing supporting lab work & extensive research procedural documentation.

      • There are numerous books on the effectiveness of amino acid Secretagogues.  Dr. Klatz, Dr. DiPasquali, Sandy Shaw & Dirk Pearson all have books out with supporting lab work.

    • There is a consensus that dietary control & proper exercise are important for success.

    Amino Acid  Secretagogue "Releasers" work.  The Aminos must be present in grams not milligrams(>20 pills) + protocol adherence

    Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.

    Over 150 Supplements.. AAKG, Glutamine, Secretagogues, Weight Loss, Whey, L-Ornithine  ..  most with free shipping.  Supplements supplement a complete diet .. not replace a complete diet.

    Directions on how to make your own custom nutritional stack.  Save $s & be assured of ingredients

    "HGH" Sprays are stupid!  Spray "not-HGH" in nanograms(ng)=.000000001 gram(billionth!)="drops in an Olympic pool". No way, José!

    HGH and Testosterone therapy can provide an improved quality of life.  FACT!

    • Dr. William Regelson, University of Virginia School of Medicine reports that the hormone DHEA is "one of the best biochemical bio-markers for chronological age.

    • 0ver 50% of Testosterone is produced from DHEA.

    Considering Testosterone Therapy?


    Smoking is linked to Low IQ

    Do not listen to anyone who says it's okay to gain 10 pounds per decade after your 40s.     BUNK!

    • That extra weight is bad for your body in so many ways.

    • Hard on your joints, hard on your back, hard on your heart and circulatory systems, heart on your endocrine system.

     .... Hard on your spirit .. hard on your confidence .. hard on your wardrobe


    High protein diets result in the release of a hormone, PYY, that curbs hunger in both obese and normal weight people.  PYY levels are lowest amongst obese people.  Dr.  Batterham reported the dietary changes required in average person's diet would be small - 2-3%, no where near the protein levels advocated by the Adkins diet, small increases in protein intake and small reductions in carbohydrate intake are effective.

    Exercise and weight control can reduce Type II Diabetes by 60%

    The risk of heart disease could be cut by up to 55% if people became physically active by 40.

    Hormonal demise is often responsible for the physical & cognitive issues experienced with aging.

    1. Low energy / motivation
    2. Muscle loss
    3. Fat gain / weight distribution (truncal / belly / hip obesity)
    4. Attitude / mood issues

    Natural Anterior Pituitary hGH is Somatotropin Somatropin is rhGH.  Both are 191 amino acid chain hormones.

    • 1981's 1st Generation biotech Somatrem is a 192 amino acid sequence molecule.

    • '95-'08, 21st Century 2nd Generation biotech rhGH Somatropin is the bio-identical 191 amino acid sequence molecule as Somatotropin.

    • 2008: rhGH Somatropin is dispensed under assorted Trade Names.

    • 3rd Generation rhGH, long lasting, is in Second Phase FDA Testing.

    Several rhGH Somatropin brands come pre-mixed in an easy to administer auto-injection device.

    1. All 3: dial your prescription .. 

    2. Press against your skin & click the 'ball point pen like button' ..

    3. Feel pressure on your skin & hear the injection device  'click'.

    4. Genotropin Pen® Injection Device Video: Step by step video instructions for the Genetropin Pen (Pharmacia-Upjohn Somatropin)


      Omnitrope Pen® Injection Device video:  Step by step video instructions for the Omnitrope Pen  (Sandoz Somatropin)


      Saizen Cool Click® Injection Device. (Merck-Serono Somatropin)


    April 18, 2008. LA Chronicle: The hormone injections have proven to offer amazing benefits

    February, 2008: Dr. Andre Berger reports that in his LA Clinic, "... human Growth Hormone therapy (rhGH) for the treatment of adult growth hormone deficiencies has helped thousands of my patients, men and women, feel more energetic and more vibrant."

    Dr Ronald Klatz of the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine, “Nearly 20,000 clinical studies conducted around the world document the broad benefits of pharmacological hGH therapy. "

    Benefits of Adult rhGH Therapy.

    1. Reduced body fat / Improved body composition
    2. Increased energy.
    3. Improved libido.
    4. Improved immune function.
    5. Stronger bones.
    6. Lower cholesterol.
    7. Lower blood pressure.
    8. Faster wound healing.
    9. Smoother, firmer skin.
    10. Elevated mood.
    11. Improved cognition.
    • AntiAging Medicine is often referred to as Aging Management Medicine.  A realistic goal of an AntiAging program is to delay the onset of & to slow the progression of Aging's Symptoms

      A Patient's Advocate Medical Provider / Doctor is necessary for optimized aging.

    • The better the Doctor the better the examination room communication.   2 way communication. A good Doctor listens.

    • Doctor shopping to achieve your personal goals is 100% acceptable.

    • Modern HMO doctors are often corporations that see up to 15 patients per hour.

    • HMO Doctors are often not dedicated to individualized medicine or personalized patient care.

    Demand personalized medical care!!!

    Choice of medical care provider should not be a random pick

    Women's International Pharmacy can provide a list of competent doctors by state.

    • A medical check up is advised before beginning any nutritional, dietary or exercise program.

    • Realistic assessment of your current physical condition, to include genetics as well as wear & tear.

    Mayo Clinic Human Growth Hormone report demonstrates hGH's benefits:

    Bolster the heart's ability to contract

    Improve mood and motivation

    Increase exercise capacity

    Increase muscle mass

    Increase bone density

    Decrease body fat

    Primary factors for an early demise:

    • tobacco

    • alcohol

    • obesity

    • high-blood pressure

    • high cholesterol

    • poor diet

    • lack of exercise

    most are personally or medically controllable.

    Most stupid choices are fairly obvious mistakes.  Doh!

    June, 2008.  Us News & World Report: Restful sleep is associated with healthy / successful  aging.2004, Journal of the American Medical Association:  University of Chicago Researchers found that the first stage of age-related deterioration of sleep quality in men occurs between the ages of 25 and 45. They're sleeping as long as younger men, but they're spending less time in restorative deep sleep.

    New England Journal of Medicine. THE 1990 report that started the hGH revolution: "Diminished secretion of growth hormone is responsible in part for the decrease of lean body mass, the expansion of adipose-tissue mass, and the thinning of the skin that occurs in old age. Dr. Rudman "(N Engl J Med 1990; 323:1-6.)

    The first step is the hardest step!   Many of the health issues, age related medical conditions, middle-aged persons begin to experience are directly related to diminished hormone production.   rhGH Business News

    Current consensus is to withhold growth hormone from patients with cancer.   

    • Persons under the care of a Physician, on complex medical plans or taking multiple medications should always consult with their Physician before any dietary or nutritional supplementation changes are made. Current cancer patients, cancer patients in remission and previous cancer patients should consult with their Physician before considering any new exercise or nutrition program

    Old, worn ... & outstanding ..  Experience Matters!

    Willie, at 75, laments, "There aren't as many mirrors in my house any more."

    The VA is in dire need of R.N. Medical Case Managers .. for injured military: 1-800-949-0000

    For many degenerative diseases 21st century stem cell medicine offers huge potential.

    1. 2006: Stems cells help with age related macular degeneration (30% of people over 75) in test animals.  Dr. Neal Adams of the Wilmer Eye Institute in Baltimore, “success with embryonic stem cells in test animals shows us some of the hope that regenerative medicine possesses."

    2. Stem cells offer potential to repair cartilage damaged by OsteoArthritis.  The pain from osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis can be totally life altering.  Stem cells successfully treating osteoArthritus in dogs.

    3. Stem cells facilitate broken bone repair.

    4. Stem cells aid brain injury repair.  How long before success with Alzheimer's?

    5. Stem cells facilitate bone repair. 

    6. Stem cells & heart disease

    7. Stem cell treatment in India allows Australian quadriplegic to breath on his own for the 1st time in 14 years.

    2007: Under a program named Stem Cell Life. <66> 02 613-1515 (news report Thai Stem Cell Life) parents in Thailand are saving stem cells from their child's umbilical cord  to provide a cure to any major medical condition / injury that could develop later in their child's life. 

    In the 21st century microbiology & advanced research are producing medications that can be used to "level the playing field" in many areas of endeavor.

    • College students take the attention-deficit drugs Adderall and Ritalin to help them focus for exams, said Dr. Joji Suzuki of Boston University Medical Center.  ADD med use is so common there was a "Law & Order" episode based on college ADD meds w/ a plot line involving previously poor students making the deans list.

    Musicians take the blood pressure-lowering drug Inderal to calm their nerves before a tryout or performance", composer Stuart Dunkel.