L-Glutamine is a conditional amino acid, meaning that there are reported conditions in which the body is unable synthesize (sufficient) glutamine from other amino acids.

Glutamine is essential for muscular energy during hard exercise.  3 free weight training videos (streamed by Google) on this page.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.


Glutamine helps control the negative biochemical effects resulting from the build up of the waste by-products produced by hard exercise .. an example of waste by product is Lactic Acid.



  • L Glutamine is a prime source of nitrogen.  L-Glutamine is a molecule containing two nitrogen chains & consists of about 20% nitrogen.

  • Benefit is optimized when combined (or stacked ) with the nitric oxide producer L-Arginine.

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  • The usual serving of L-Glutamine is 2 - 6 grams per day.   We recommend 3 grams 30 minutes pre-exercise & 3 grams before sleep.

  • Glutamine aids muscle growth by increasing (the BCAA) L-Leucine levels in muscle fibers.

  • Glutamine helps decrease catabolic muscle break down after hard workouts, boosts immune function & increases metabolism / fat burning.

  • Research shows that after intensely working out, glutamine levels in the body are reduced by as much as 50%.

  • Supplemented Glutamine helps the body reduce catabolism, or the amount of muscle deterioration that occurs after exercise



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We recommend Circuit Training

  • Glutamine is particularly valuable to the body during times of stress

  • Glutamine's effects on replenishing the body after stress or trauma have been medically documented in Europe where L-Glutamine is commonly given to patients in hospitals.

  • The immune system is said to all but live on glutamine.
  • The body relies on glutamine as cellular fuel for the immune system.

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