Glycine is a major promoter of muscle growth and muscle development

  • Glycine plays a key roll in the development and quality of our skeletal muscles, tissues, and structural integrity.
  • Glycine helps repair tissues.
  • Glycine is a component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF) and of the enzyme glutathione. Found in high concentrations in the skin and connective tissues, it is useful for repairing damaged tissues and promoting healing
  • Glycine speeds the healing of wounds.
  • Glycine is a factor in prostate health.
  • Glycine is an HGH releaser in amounts of 2 grams or more.
    • 3 - 8 grams per day will maximize HGH releaser benefits.
  • Glycine is essential for synthesis of nucleic acids, bile acids, and other nonessential amino acids within the body.  

Certificate of analysis from a 50 KG drum Of L-Glycine

  • Naturally sweet, this amino acid may be helpful in reducing gastric distress
  • Glycine has been used in treating Bipolar (Manic/Depressive) disorder and hyperactivity.
    • Glycine therapy readily passes the blood-brain barrier.
  • Glycine is a very inexpensive amino acid.