Medicare is a joke.  When I discovered what Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B were & what they cost / benefits were ..  I was shocked.

Medicare part A, Medicare part B & Medicare Supplemental plans explained.

Medicare Part A, Medicare B & Medicare Part D

  • Medicare Part A pays 100% of hospitalization, long term care & nursing home care.

  • Medicare Part B covers some medical & is legally required for persons over 65 years of age. If you opt out / say "No thanks", the Social Security Administration of the IRS imposes monthly fines of 10%.

  • Medicare is driving the US to the poor house .. yet it is primarily for the benefit of the most unhealthy of the society .. those who 'all but live' in nursing homes & long term care facilities.

  • Medicare is of little benefit to the walkin' talkin' seniors.

Medicare's primary expense is long term care of 300# smokers with donut glaze on their bingo card.

Even if you have private health insurance RETIRED PERSONS are required by SS law (even if you have private insurance) to pay a $1300. senior citizen  tax.


Medicare Part A covers hospitalization & nursing home internment.  Medicare part A is offered at no charge.

Medicare Part B is $1250. per year senior citizen tax & is mandatory for all retired persons over 65. 

All US retires must enroll in Medicare part B & pay the $1250. senior citizen tax or you will be financially penalized / = fined.

Don't believe me?  Call the Social Security Administration: 800 772-1213 (do not speak, only push / punch the "operator' key .. over & over ..)

Are retirees required to pay for Medicare part B.  $1250 per year or be financially penalized / fined.

Part D: Covers generic medications, paying a 300% premium to the politically contributing pharmaceutical companies.

The 300% mark up granted to contributing pharmaceutical lobbyist is criminal .. or it should be

AARP is under criminal investigation for questionable Medicare Supplement business practices. 


Many of the deductible & co-pay aspects of Medicare are covered by private insurance supplemental plans