Home made nutritional stacks .. How & Why.

You can copy a commercial product's formula  .. or design / make a custom nutritional stack

1st thing in the morning stack, a pre-workout stack, a post-workout stack and a pre-sleep stack.. each specialized stack can be optimized for time of day & situation.

  • You can duplicate 90% of current magazine advertised "super products" .. & save 70% off the lowest discount price.

  • + you are assured of quality & truth in labeling

2007: One of the hot stacks in retail stores & promoted in multi-page magazine ads has Arginine, Glutamine & Glycine  ....   part of our recommendations since 1998.


Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.


  • By purchasing individual  Amino Acids / nutrients you can be confident that your stack has the ingredients you want in the ratios / amounts you want.

  • Nutrients do not work in isolation.  In order to obtain maximum benefit from each nutrient, it is necessary to combine the correct nutrients in the correct ratios.

    • The vaso-dilator Nitric Oxide (Nitrogen Monoxide) is produced from L-Arginine (or Arginine Alpha Keto Gluterate)

    • L-Glutamine is the primary source for Nitrogen in the muscles & thus is essential for maximum production of Nitrogen Monoxide.

    • Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Monoxide, production is maximized when Arginine is stacked with nitrogen rich L-Glutamine.


Check out our amazon.com stores .. a "specialty store"  for each of the nutrients below  ... our recommended supplements in each nutrient category.:












 Supplements supplement a complete diet .. not replace a complete diet.

In response to several professional jocks marketing an amino acid hGH releaser the chairman of The World Anti-Doping Agency, Dr. Gary Wadler the Manhasset-based sports and drugs expert, reports that there is medical proof that "certain non-prescription amino acid products can transiently increase the production of human growth hormone".  There is no doubt that proper amino acid Secretagogue supplementation increases natural hGH production!

  • 2005 Syracuse University: Dr. Jim Stoppani, Flex Magazine: A Research Project on men between 18 & 35 has published a report showing that that 6 grams to 9 grams of Arginine acts as a HGH Secretagogue. 

  • A 9 gram L-Arginine serving increased serum HGH by over 60%,  from 4mcg/liter to 6.5 mcg/liter.

Cost example (July, 2008 internet cost) For less than $60 you can obtain over 1300 grams of pure amino acids!

Pre-blending it is extremely easy to tell one amino acid from another.

You can mix it as well as the big boys .. + you are not a greedy executive maximizing profits by cutting ingredient cost.

  • An issue for the corporate manufacturers is the cost of the raw materials.  AAKG costs 10 times (= 1000%) what L-lysine or L-Glycine or MSM cost.

Vendors of individual nutrients know that you can directly compare their L-Glutamine, AAKG or L-Lysine with another brand of L-Glutamine, AAKG or L-Lysine.  Very much more difficult to compare a pre-blended product with a comparable product.... near impossible!


Some of the amino acids used in the successful HGH medical research studies are relatively inexpensive & some are extremely expensive! 

Any product that does not list specific amino acid ratios / amounts is at best questionable. 

  • If the more expensive components are used properly, it will be prominently noted in the marketing material!    

    • If you are selling a Mercedes you will proudly call it a Mercedes, however if you are selling a "Yugo" you might want to be vague!  

Why would a quality product not list specific amino acid amounts & ratios?

The amount of amino acids needed for reported secretagogue success is measured in grams. 

Proper Secretagogue Formulations we suggest contain 14 grams ( 14,000 mgs ) of Amino Acids per serving + 2.7 ( 2700mgs ) synergistic nutrients.

Use our Formulations or invent your own stack.

Day Time: 3 gm L-Glutamine, 4 gm L-Arginine Ketogluterate, 2 gm L- Ornithine, 5 gm L-Glycine, 200 mg Niacin (Flush  B-3), 500 mg Vit. C, 2 gm MSM

Night Time: 3gm L-Glutamine, 3 gm GABA, 3gm Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate, 2gm L-Glycine, 200mg Niacin (Flush  B-3 ), 2 gm MSM

Easy identification of the labeled ingredient makes it extremely difficult for a corporation to alter the labeled ingredient.

Many retail products on the market falsely & intentionally overstate the expensive ingredients in their products!

Published research demonstrates a therapeutic serving of amino acids is measured in grams.  Our recommended stacks would require 30 500mg capsules!

You can have a 1st thing in the morning stack, pre-workout stack, post-workout stack and pre-sleep stack.. each optimized for time of day & situation.

  1. Choose the Aminos / Nutrients that you want to stack / combine ..

  2. Have all the aminos / nutrients for THIS stack togeather.

  3. & 6 or 12 baggies at your side.  We recommend stacking 6 days per week.

  4. 1 table spoon of each chosen amino is a good place to start.

    • You can customize .. adapt .. add more of one .. alternate .. experiment ..

    • I use 2 rounded table spoons of Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate. ,, or 1 AAKG + 1 L-Arginine.

Start with your first amino acid .. add 1 tablespoon to each of the baggies.

Since all the aminos are white .. after spooning each amino into all the baggies .. close the jar & put it aside.

  1. Unless you are careful you will become confused about where you are in the 'amino to baggie' process.

  2. After years of making custom blends, I can tell the difference between L-Arginine, Arginine Pyroglutamate and Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate by looking.

    1. However, once they are mixed it is near impossible to tell by looking.

    2. Even after blending you can tell by taste what is in & what is left out.

    3. Soon you will be able to recognize the individual different nutrients by sight, taste, feel, texture & odor.

    4. You'll see differences in L-Glycine, GABA, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, MSM .. immediately.

    5. They all taste differently .. each of your stacks will have a distinctive flavor.

At the end of this process .. baggie to baggie to baggie .. you have a custom Stack

  1. In a few minutes you can have a 2 week supply of highest quality nutritional stacks.

  2. Each baggie now contains 1 full serving.

  3. Add the mix to a glass of room temp water & you have an optimized stack.


This method allows you to customize your stack to the aminos that provide YOU the best results.

Using this custom mixing method you can easily mix a nutritional stack optimized for your personal requirements.

Amino Acid Secretagogue Stack  Arginine / AAKG   GABA   Glutamine  Glycine  MSM  Ornithine

Appropriate exercise, proper rest & planned nutrition ( intelligent lifestyle? ) are required for personal optimization.

  1. A pharmaceutical scale would allow you to measure any nutrient .. but sub gram weights are not meant for spoon measuring.

  2. in order to add nutrients like Alpha Lipoic Acid, CQ10 .. DHEA .. a precision digital scale is required.

  3. A quality gram scale should cost about $100. 

  4. A digital scale can make your life much easier if you choose to add nutrients in sub 1 gram amounts.


Google "digital gram scale". .. Ohaus Scales, iBalance Scales or Jennings Scales all sell precision accurate gram scales.





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