Mr. Thailand May 2008

Mr. Thailand & Mr. Thailand Fitness

Thai-Japan Din Daeng Stadium 

Traditional Thai politeness permeated all aspects of the 2008 Mr. Thailand competition. Above right: Douglas Latchford


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Mr. Thailand Body Builders demonstrate world class physiques.

Panupong Prateep


The Thai Body Builders demonstrated the physical symmetry that makes body building the popular sport it is today.


Pictures from 2008 Women's Competition


The 2008 Mr. Thailand competition had competitors from all age ranges & levels of experience.

All levels of body building were represented in the 2008 Mr. Thailand competition

Surachai Plangeamg


The Mr. Thailand Fitness routines were over whelming in complexity & physicality difficulty.  Strength, endurance and flexibility were factors.

old gym buddies meet up before the competition.                Back Stage temple.

Khun Sitthi Charoenrith: 5 time Mr. Thailand,  2 time IFBB World Champion, 2005 - 6 (2nd '03, '04 & '07), 2 time Mr. Asia, 2006 - 7 &  twice #2 Mr. Universe.

Weightlifting Instructional DVD

Free Google Videos: Bench Press   Cable Fly   Kick Backs.

Sitthi's Weight Lifting Demonstration Videos