Secretagogues: Amino Acids that stimulate the endocrine system to increase hormonal secretions.

  Exercise is synergistic with Amino Acid Supplementation.

  We recommend secretagogues not smoothies. 

Secretagogues that are optimized for results not flavor. 

If flavor is the major selling point, what's the point?


In response to several professional jocks marketing an amino acid hGH releaser the chairman of The World Anti-Doping Agency, Dr. Gary Wadler the Manhasset-based sports and drugs expert, reports that there is medical proof that "certain non-prescription amino acid products can transiently increase the production of human growth hormone".  There is no doubt that proper amino acid Secretagogue supplementation increases natural hGH production!
  • 2005 Syracuse University: Dr. Jim Stoppani, Flex Magazine: A Research Project on men between 18 & 35 has published a report showing that that 6 grams to 9 grams of Arginine acts as a HGH Secretagogue. 

  • A 9 gram L-Arginine serving increased serum HGH by over 60%,  from 4mcg/liter to 6.5 mcg/liter.

    Specific glands use specific combinations of amino acids to trigger hormonal secretions.  The process of “nutrient stacking” involves providing the right nutrients .. in the proper combination .. at the right time to achieve optimum desired results, without prescriptions or injections.

    L-Arginine, GABA, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, L-Lysine & L-Ornithine are the aminos to stack.


Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.
  • Check out our stores .. a "specialty store"  for each of the nutrients below  ... our recommended supplements in each nutrient category.:






    DHEA &






     Supplements supplement a complete diet .. not replace a complete diet.

    Make your own Secretagogue Stack .. directions click here.  You can design / make  a 1st thing in the morning stack, pre-workout stack, post-workout stack and pre-sleep stack.. each  customized  for time of day & situation.  By mixing your own stacks you can optimize for your metabolism or goals.

  • Our Recommended  Amino Acid Nutritional Stacks are based on published research.

  • We recommend Amino Acid HGH Secretagogue products that are comparable to the recommendations cited in Dr. Klatz' 1998 research, published in his 1998 book, "Grow Young With HGH".   A 300+ page book providing supporting lab work & extensive research procedural documentation.

  • By combining specific amino acids and other synergistic nutrients we can trigger desired responses by specific glands.

  • There is a consensus that dietary control & proper exercise are important for success with a Secretagogue Program.

    • There are numerous books on the effectiveness of amino acid secretagogues.  Dr. Klatz, Dr. DiPasquali, Sandy Shaw & Dirk Pearson all have books out with supporting lab work.


If you have a damaged Anterior Pituitary or Hypothalamus gland this program will not work for you.  These glands must be intact for the Secretagogue supplementation to work.

  • Secretagogues are substances that stimulate the endocrine system to increase growth hormone secretions.

    • One would be hard pressed to find a 21st century exercise or nutrition publication that does not tout the benefits of amino acid supplementation.


Some of the amino acids used in the successful HGH medical research studies are relatively inexpensive & some are extremely expensive! 

Any product that does not list specific amino acid ratios / amounts is at best questionable. 

  • If the more expensive components are used properly, it will be prominently noted in the marketing material!    

    • If you are selling a Mercedes you will proudly call it a Mercedes, however if you are selling a "Yugo" you might want to be vague!  

    • Why would a quality product not list specific amino acid amounts & ratios?

The amount of amino acids needed for reported secretagogue success is measured in grams. 

Proper Secretagogue Formulations we suggest contain 14 grams ( 14,000 mgs ) of Amino Acids per serving + 2.7 ( 2700mgs ) synergistic nutrients.


The consensus is that the following amino acids and nutrients, in the proper ratios & combinations,  have an extremely positive effect on Human Growth Hormone levels.

To take our recommended serving of amino acids would require 30 500mg caps.

One of the hot stacks in the 2007 magazines has Arginine, Glutamine & Glycine .. part of our recommendations since 1998.

  • Our recommended stacks are developed straight from the published reports. 

    • No proprietary or secret magical ingredients.

    • We know of no other product that even remotely resembles the successful formulations documented in the body of published medical research.

  • We know of no other comprehensive program covering secretagogues, diet and exercise.

  • + We offer unlimited compliance email support for our clients.

    • If you need personalized assistance or motivation our staff is available

Over 35?  Do you dream any more?  REM sleep is where true rest & recovery occurs.



The Day Time formulation is excellent 1st thing in the morning & pre-exercise.

The is a natural HGH pulse associated with the 'all night fast' as well as both aerobic & anaerobic exercise.

Each Serving:  3 gm L-Glutamine, 4 gm L-Arginine, 2 gm L- Ornithine, 5 gm L-Glycine, 200 mg Niacin ( B-3 ), 500 mg Vit. C, 2 gm MSM 

The Daytime formulation is best used during the day and is excellent pre-exercise. 

The Night Time is excellent at bedtime --  pre-sleep.

Includes GABA ( Gamma-amino butyric acid ), a neurotransmitter, to improve deep sleep in addition to optimized amino acid HGH secretagogues.

Each  Serving : 3gm L-Glutamine, 3 gm GABA, 3gm Arginine Pyroglutamate, 3 gm L-Lysine, 2gm L-Glycine, 200mg Niacin, 2 gm MSM  

The Night Time formulation is optimized for the night time & is designed to accentuate deep sleep.   Studies indicate there is a natural  HGH release in deep sleep.


 Increasing HGH  is beneficial for increasing lean tissue ( muscle ) & reducing fat at any age.

The ingredients in our amino acid stacks also have additional positive health effects in addition to being secretagogues.