Bangkok is shopping paradise.

Exotic bargains, hand crafted 24K pure gold jewelry .. Thai gold is always 24k .. silk clothing, tribal crafts, antiques, teak furniture

Thailand The Land of Smiles.  General Information about Thailand. Thailand History.  6000 years from the world's 1st bronze age culture to 21st century economic status and political enviroment. Thailand Medical Tourism:  Globalization that benefits the individual not the globalized corporation Bangkok Thailand where the Ancient Far East has melded with the 21st century West. Issan The archaeology & culturally rich Easter Region of Thailand Chiang Mai and The Golden Triangle Region of Northern Thailand Thailand Islands & Beaches are recognized to be some of the most beautiful on the Planet Thailand is a shoppers paradise.  From custom silk clothing, to electronics, to Asian antiques .. it's all in Thaialnd Thailand Gyms.  Your best Thai souvenir could by your professionally designed exercise program. The right Thailand Tour Guide will make your vacation the most memorable of your life Thailand offers quality hotels from unbelievely inexpensive to 6 star opulence. Thailand English Language Newspapers by region Bangkok offers world class entertianment venues .. from down home music venues to world class resturants. Elephants are the national symbol of Thailand.  The Thai people love Chang Thai massage is theraputic & quite wonderful .. be sure to experience Thai massage.

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24k gold makes 14k look dull  .. Thai gold is ALWAYS 24k!

Shopping is an area where a honest guide can be worth his / her weight in gold & jade! well almost!

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call Ms. Goong  <66> (02) 229-4681 for shopping tour information .. A conversation with a Thai shopping professional can be worth a lot .. trust me Ka Goong knows shopping!

At Silom Square, the opposite side from the Central Department Store.


For Computer / Electronic / DVD / Software Panthip Plaza is a bargain hunters dream come true.

  • New Petchaburi Road near the World Trade Center, just past the end of the main Klong San Saep water bus line.

  • 100s of computer / software / DVD / VCD vendors.

Knock off Ipods.

3rd Floor is MBK's watch Mecca.

  • Knockoff 'status' watches from 600 BT to 10,000+ BT.

    • US customs allows 1 of each 'trademark'.. 1 Rolex, 1 Omega, 1 Tag.

    • Trademark & copy righted are different.  No knock off copy righted ( = software) material allowed in.

  • The shop across from the 1st floor Baskin Robbins is the vendor of TOP NOTCH 'replicas'.

    • I've had Omega dealers examine mine & not comment.

  • The 600 - 1000 BT replicas are often pretty, authentic heavy & pieces of junk... do not shower with.

Blouses 3 for 100Thb = .80us  each.



the Thai love their mobiles .. Bangkok art dedicated to cell phones    

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  • A 'cooperative guide' can more than save you the fee

  • Shopping for modern jewelry ( Thai jewelry is 'always' 22 - 24 K gold! )

    • 24k makes 10k look like sterling.

  • & Burmese rubies & jade are everywhere.

    • Unless you are an expert do not buy raw uncut gem stones on the street. "duh!"

  • Reputable shops are recommended, shop in an alley or from a street scam artist & "Let the buyer beware!"

    • Please do not buy any expensive items from street vendors, if you want to contribute to a persons welfare do so, but do not expect any semblance of quality / value from street vendors / hustlers.

  • Hand finished solid wood teak furniture or Asian antiques.

    • Shipping of even heavy objects is not that expensive.  

    • The vendors of 'heavy' freight will always offer shipping options.

    • I'm talkin' some incredible furniture, solid teak / cherry wood with exquisite handwork &  finish.

  • Custom made clothes of world famous Thai Silk or imported fabrics.

    • The 'out source, not on sight, tailors'  that dominate most tourist areas are not recommended.

      • These questionable shops are often South Asian operated.

      • Tales of fabric switch & such.

      • Ask your hotel.

Google " Bangkok Shopping " or " Thailand Shopping " 


The Chatuchuck / JJ Market offers incredible shopping opportunities.  Google Satellite Image of the market.

Shopping is another reason to leave Bangkok

Click here for a synopsis of Thai History

Weightlifting Video Filmed in Thailand.

& if you love your Brewed coffee..

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Shopping paradise

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A 'cooperative guide' can more than save you his fee 

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Exercise Basics in Thai Language  (requires Thai font ) เป้าหมายของ Ultimate Program คือ การแนะนำให้ผู้ที่มีความสนใจในเริื่องของ

Health Tourism?  Western level Medical / Dental care is available for a small % of western fees!


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