Pictures from 2008 Women's Competition

Pictures from Men's Competition

The 40 Sports at the 2007 SE Asian Games:

  1. Archery
  2. Arnis
  3. Aquatics
  4. Athletics
  5. Badminton
  6. Baseball
  7. Billiards and Snooker
  8. Bodybuilding
  9. Boxing
  10. Bowling
  11. Canoe/Kayak
  12. Chess
  13. Cycling
  14. Dancesport
  15. Equestrian
  16. Fencing
  17. Football
  18. Golf
  19. Gymnastics
  20. Judo
  21. Karatedo
  22. Lawn Bowls
  23. Muay Thai
  24. Pencak Silat
  25. Petanque
  26. Rowing
  27. Sailing
  28. Sepak Takraw
  29. Shooting
  30. Softball
  31. Squash
  32. Table tennis
  33. Taekwondo
  34. Tennis
  35. Traditional Boat Race
  36. Triathlon
  37. Volleyball
  38. Weightlifting
  39. Wrestling
  40. Wushu

Weight Lifting Videos


Mr. Thailand

The 24rd SouthEast Asian Games, including Body Building, to be held in Korat, Thailand (aka Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand) for 11 days during December, 2007.

Thailand walked away with 183 gold medals out of a total of 477.  Pre-games Thailand hoped to win 150 .. Second place Malaysia garnered 58.

Thai swimming star Nutthanan Chankrachang was named the best female athlete.

December 7, 2007: Thailand's  Winning (& SEA Games record setting) Women's 4x400 relay tests Gold Medals for 24k Thai gold

 .. using their best MBK 24k Thai gold assay testing technique.

Daily results are down the page in chronological order.. Date in Bold & Red

New swimming & diving  pool in Korat.

Swimming competition began Dec. 7.  Results below.

The 24th SEA Games will officially open in Korat, Thailand on December 5.

  • There will be events for 11 days in Korat, December 5 through December 15.   Most events will be held in Korat.

  • Events will also be in Bangkok + boating events will be held at Pattaya Beach, Chon Buri.

This is the 6th time Thailand has hosted the SEA Games since 1959.

Southeast Asian Games 11 member nations:

Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Timor & Philippine Islands.

6,500 athletes from the 11 member nations will compete.

  • The 2007 SEA offer competition in 485 events in 40 sports.  All competition is under International Olympic Committee Regulation.

  • The SouthEast Asian Games have been held every other year since 1959.

    • The 1st SEA competition in 1959 had 12 sports.

  • The games are governed by International Olympic Rules & are under the supervision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia.

The Thai Southeast Asian Games Committee has voted to deviate form the official International Olympic Rules in several sports. (???)

Bangkok & Pattaya Events.

  1. Chonburi (Pattaya): Beach Front Sailing and Wind-Surfing, Rowing, Canoeing, Traditional Boat Race, Triathlon and Duathlon and Equestrian.

  2. Bangkok: Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Lawn Bowling, Polo, Skeet & Trap events of Shooting.




คือ การแนะนำให้ผู้ที่มี



Weightlifting Instructional DVD featuring 2 time IFBB World Champion & Mr. Thailand Khun Sitthi Charoenrith

2007 host Thailand is expected to win up to 150 gold medals (out of the 485 events in 40 different sports.)  Thailand won 85 golds in 2005.  Host Philippine Islands won 113 golds in '05.
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    The SE Asian Games opening event of "shooting" (Pistol & Rifle) was held 1 week  prior to the official SE Games opening due to Olympic qualifying shooting events scheduled in December.

  • After 2 days of shooting. Thailand is the gold medal leader with 7 gold medals.  #2 team Singapore has 5 golds.

 Romanian shooting legend Iulian Raicea, the Thailand national shooting coach, has turned some young shooters in to world champion material in only a few seasons

Unfortunately, all event / stadium announcements are only in Thai.  No English or multi-language stadium announcements.

  • Nov. 28.  Thailand won one of 5 shooting events.

  • Nov. 29: Thailand won gold in all 6 shooting events the last day. 

    • Prakarn Karndee won the 25 meter pistol.  Pakram also won gold a the 2007 University Games.

    • Thailand took 1st & 2nd in the women's 50 meter 3 position rifle competition.

    • The rifle & pistol shooting events were held before the official opening event of Dec. 6 in Korat.  There are preliminary 2008 Shanghai Olympic qualifying shooting events scheduled for December.

December 1: Soccer competition begins on Sunday December 2.

  • Thailand is favored to win it's 7th gold medal.
  • Thailand is the defending champion. 
  • Thailand has garnered the SEA Games Soccer title for 7 consecutive Games.
  • Several of the Thai players have not been training with the national team because of duty in the Premier  League which ended on Tuesday.
  • Kiatprawut Saiwaew &Teerasil Dangda both play with Manchester City.
    • Manchester City is owned by ousted Thai billionaire PM Thaksin Shinawatra.  Thaksin was removed from Thailand's Prime Minister office on September 19, 2006  by a Thailand Military Coup D' Etat.
    • Thaksin has offered to pay all expenses for Thailand's national team to train in England at the Manchester City in preparation for Thailand's 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign.
    • Note:  Manchester City is not the popular Manchester United team!
  • Thongsuk Teerathep, best known by his nickname ''Leesaw'', once played for the English Club Crystal Palace.
  • Teerathep Winothai will be playing for his fourth SouthEast Asian Games gold.

December 2:  Thailand defeats Myanmar 3-2 in football.

December 5.  The official SEA Games opening day & Thai King Rama IX's 80th birthday.  More than 1000 Thai athletes celebrated Rama IX's 80th birthday at a candle lit opening ceremony with the King.

  • Thailand defeated Cambodia 8-0 in football and is set to advance to the second round / semi-finals.  The match on King Rama IX's birthday was played before a boisterous home crowd.  The game & ceremonies with Rama IX were televised nationally of Thai TV.
    1. Overall: Thailand defeated Myanmar and Cambodia.
    2. Overall: Indonesia defeated Cambodia & tied Myanmar.
    3. Overall: Myanmar lost to Thailand & tied Indonesia.
    4. Overall: Cambodia has lost to Thailand & Indonesia.
    • Thailand will play Indonesia in the last match of this round on Friday.  Thailand has already qualified for the semi-final round & is expected to rest several players in preparation for the next round.
  • Thailand will face Singapore in the 1st semi-final round match
  • Thailand swept aerobic gymnastics .. winning all 4 events. In the men's individual aerobic gymnastics Thailand also won the 2nd place medal.  In the women's individual aerobic gymnastics Thailand won gold & bronze.
  • In Table Tennis Thailand won 2nd in both of men & women events today. 
    • Singapore won gold in both men's & women's table tennis. 
    • The Singapore gold winners in both men's & women's table tennis are both Chinese born. 
    • 5 more table tennis events are scheduled but it will be difficult for Thailand to get past the 100% Chinese born Singapore team.

December 6:  Tennis competition begins on Friday.  Thai men open against Malaysia & Thai women open against Myanmar.  Thailand is the top seed in both men's tennis & women's tennis

Sepak Takraw translates literally to kick rattan.  In the SEA Games a rubber coated ball is used this year & Malaysia has withdrawn in protest.

Thailand topped favored Myanmar in both men's & women's Sepak Takraw Hoop events.

Sepak Takraw is a southeast Asian game similar to volley ball.. played with a woven 'straw rattan ball' using only the feet.

Thailand has won the first 2 of 8 medals in Sepak Takraw.  A packed standing room only crowd of over 1000 cheered on the home teams in the Hoop Sepak Takraw events.  In Sepak Takraw Hoop a point is scored when the rattan ball is kicked into an elevated hoop.

Sepak Takraw is a game you will see played on Thai beaches, in Bangkok vacant lots & even at Thai motorbike taxi stands.  In my experience Sepak Takraw is the most popular recreational game in Thailand.

Thai women took first & second in women's down hill bike racing on the steep 75° slopes at Khao Yai Thaing.  Only 3 persons were entered in the dangerous event.  Thailand captured 3rd in the men's competition.

Men & women's Cross Country bike racing is today at Khao Yai Thaing.  Google map of (mountain forest park area) Khao Yai Thaing.

Basketball competition begins on Friday.  The SEA Games are using a non-Olympic standard ball. (?) ,,

Swimming begins on Friday.  The H20 is reported to be standard water with chlorine.

December 7.  Swimming and Track & Field began today.


In the first day of track & field Thailand won  6 out of 9 golds.  In 2 of the 3 track events Thailand did not win gold Thai's placed second!

Thailand's badminton teams are both advanced to the semifinals

Thai men's soccer completed the preliminary round with a perfect record.

Malaysia won the first Equestrian event with Indonesia 2nd & Thailand 3rd.

Vietnam won the 1st 2 golds in Wrestling. men's 84kg & women's 51kg.

Thailand won the Duilian event of WuShu martial arts.  Malaysia was second & Myanmar 3rd.

Laos won a gold in the men's petanque rifle shooting.

December 8.  After 5 days Thailand leads in the gold count with 33.  Vietnam is second with 14.

In snooker the Thai team took gold, beating the Malaysian team 3-0 in the finals.

Thailand's leading cross country bicyclist, Tawatchai Masae, won the cross country bicycle gold with the Philippine's rider second.

Thailand won the men's artistic gymnastics with Vietnam 2nd & Malaysia 3rd.

In tennis, both the Thai men & Thai women are in the final round & are on their way to gold.

  • Thai men came from behind to defeat defending champion Philippines team 3-2.  The Philippines team won gold in '05.
    • Thai men face Malaysia today in the finals.
  • Thai women easily defeated Malaysian women 3-0

Danai Udomchoke, left, saved the day for the Thai men with a decisive victory on Friday.

In Boxing Thailand has won all it's matches to this point.

In Dance Sport Thailand waltzed to 3 of 5 gold medals.


Track and Field.




Table tennis.  The finals were an all Singapore event.. Chinese born Singapore women faced each other in the finals.

Artistic gymnastics.  Singapore won all 4 golds offered today

Field Hockey

Pencak Silat, martial arts. A traditional martial art originating on the Malay Peninsula.  National martial art of Indonesia.

Petanque: A remnant of French colonialism.  A French lawn game involving rolling metal balls at wooden balls.


December 9.  Thailand leads the gold rush with 43.  Vietnam is second with 23.








Track .. 6 out of 9 gold medal winners set new Southeast Asian games records!  Thailand won 5 0f 9 events



December 10  Thailand now has 79 gold.  Number 2 Vietnam has 41.  Singapore has 32

Sports Authority of Thailand will provide 50 million Tbt to Thai athletes.  a gold medallist = 200,000 Tbt, 2nd= 100,000 Tbt & 3rd=50,000 Tbt.


December 12