Thailand Islands & Beaches.

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Isolated private islands .. or the busiest beaches on this planet

spotted the tourist above center climbing a palm tree for the best spot

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Surf trip to remote beach via Elephant .. try to forget that day!   

Note beautiful Royal White Elephant in the rear.  As usual, the Thai waves were only a small part of that surf trip 


We are pretty much at a loss for words to describe Thai Beaches or the Thailand Beach scene

.. so, here are a few words

 & lots'a Thailand Island & Thai Beach pictures

+ our Thai Island / Thailand Beach recommendations are below.


Thailand Road Maps       Thailand Train Routes w/ schedules

The Pak Nam pier offers close up views of the Chumphon fishing fleet coming into & out of the river.

3 Km south of Pak Nam Pier is the wonderful Siritip Hotel.    Give them a call & they will pick you up at Pak Nam Pier & / or take you back to Pak Nam Pier.  800Thb water front room .. Gulf of Thailand view out the 'glass walled room' ..  from your king size bed



Both the Andaman Sea (Phuket & Krabi)  & the Gulf of Thailand ( Koh Samui & Koh Chaing) are populated with tropical islands.


A boat ride to a remote island? .. forget that day! .. traditional long tail boats for day trips .. or speed boat for longer inter island trips

Thai Island Hotels & Spas 45 w/Free WiFi  near the beach begin under 700 baht, $20. per night .. Remote Island beach huts  $3.

Map of Thai North Region / Chiang Mai

Lower rez North Map

Thai Northeast Region  / Issan

Lower Rez issan Map

Thai Central Region

Lower Rez Central Map

Thai South Region / Thai Islands

Lower rez South Map

Phuket Blues Festival  Soi Dog Blues Band live at the Phuket Blues Festival!

What I Want

 Jaochu  (Womanizer Blues) in Thai .. way cool!

Exploring remote islands &  beaches is the adventure part of a Thai vacation.

There are many small islands in the Andaman sea north of Phuket .. drive north toward Ranong

These are remote & mostly unspoiled islands.

 many small cottage based resorts are on these islands.

The Phuket - Ranong Thai coast is as unimproved & unspoiled as you can find in Thailand

Surf trip to remote beach with Elephants .. try to forget that day!    Note beautiful Royal White Elephant in the rear.  As usual, the Thai waves were only a small part of that surf trip


Road Map Thailand South + Map Phuket    Ferry between Phi Phi Island, Phuket Island & Krabi Island (long tail speedboat available)


  • During one twilight swim near Karon ( Phuket Island, 1 hour south of Patong Si via tuk tuk), a Thai elephant handler & 10 elephants came upon us on the beach.

  • We were 'alone' enjoying a "10 out of 10" sunset w/ no one else visible in any direction & here comes a guy with 10 elephants truckin' down the sand .. TIT!

  • No idea where they were going or why, but quite a memorable sight.  I'm talkin' a "technicolor high definition" memory!

  • They were just traveling on the beach instead of the road  .. less traffic on the beach, makes sense to me!

    • Quite spectacular beach front along this stretch of coastal road.

    • Tuk Tuk along til you hit a stretch of beach that meets your immediate needs .. stop at a restaurant or pack your gear to the sand.

    • Ready to move on? .. out to the coastal road, 100 meters from the flat beach, & wait for an empty tuk tuk to motor up.

  • You can have a delicious 3 course gourmet meal (w/ Heineken) for 4, catered on the beach under palm trees & an umbrella, for 800 THB $20. US
    • Elephants pass by, jet skis whirrr by, para-sailors fly by .. as you devour jumbo prawns & slurp coconut chicken soup.
  • Or you can get you hair or nails / hair done .. under an umbrella on the beach! .. 200 Tbt .. $5. US

Pattaya at night 2008 ...   & Pattaya in the mid '60s & 2007 .. below Jomtean Beach looking to Pattaya.

The savings provided by Thai Medical Tourism can pay for a tropical vacation.

Thailand's best beach (??) is on Phuket Island & the Indian Ocean's Andaman sea. 

  • Leam Sing Beach is about 20 minutes north of Phuket's tourist center Patong Si (via pick up tuk tuk) .
  • Chill in the tuk-tuk & enjoy the ride with occasional hill view ocean vista before you arrive at the Laem Sing Beach trail head. 
  • Enjoy!
  • On the south side of Leam Son Point... north of Kamala & south of Surin  .. roadside dirt parking area .. poorly marked trail head & 'somewhat unimproved' dirt trail to to the sand.
    • The road  from Patong Si to Liam Sing is kinda undeveloped with hilly ocean vistas.  Few hotels or restaurants for miles!
    • Laem Sing Si lies at the foot of a 100 foot cliff at end of a 400 yard steep trail through tropical forest. (excuse me, but,  "WOW"!) 
    • The mostly unimproved beach is wide & the sand beautiful. 
      • Steep sloped sand bottom w/o coral. 

    A dressing room is behind a boulder & a shower is the natural waterfall!  

  • The waves are less somewhat than "killer dude", similar to Makapu'u on Oahu's East coast for you surfer types ( better than Sandy Beach but not the North Shore, thank God & Buddha. :-).

    Laem Sing Beach & Kamela Beach, just to the south of Laem Sing Bay, provide the best surfing in Thailand.

I've seen Laem Sing pics w/ 10'/3m waves .. best I've seen is 4'/1.2m   Hey, I should have been there that day!

Look for a storm in the northern Indian Ocean.     & here.    Sumatra acts as a barrier island & blocks swells coming from the south.

  • Thailand's best snorkeling and scuba is in the Krabi area.
  • Thailand's most scenic and relaxing island is Koh Samui.  On the peaceful Gulf of Thailand

For short trips to the beach from Bangkok we now recommend Hua Hin.

Safe, cleaner, more scenic and less expensive + Good 4 lane expressway all the way to Hua Hin.

Hua Hin is superior to Pattaya in every way!  A clean city, beautiful white sand beach & crystal clear water.

.Bangkok / Pattaya / Hua Hin Road Map 

2006: We can no longer recommend Pattaya Beach, previously a recommend day trip from Bangkok.



November 2006: 85 cameras have been installed to monitor the Pattaya & Jomtien Beach fronts.

"Thai resort of Pattaya conjures up images of criminals on the run"

AVOID PATTAYA!  Pattaya is to be avoided at all costs!

Multiple weekly reports of tourists being drugged in Pattaya bars.

Pattaya: Gang robberies, drugging & assault of tourists are reported daily .. Pattaya Newspapers report Police involvement!

Locals are currently referring to Pattaya as  "Baghdad by the Bay"

Thailand Newspapers    Phuket Weather    Thailand Time   Wi-Fi / Internet Hotspots

Feb 2007: 2 females, Russian tourists, murdered on Pattaya Beach.

March 1, 2007:  Thai man arrested.  He has a history of tourist robberies!

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Need to telephone Thailand?  Complete 10 digit dialing directions here w/ local time clock

Thai visas come in 4 basic flavors:  Tourist, Work, Retiree & Marriage.

  Phuket houses from 10,000 Tbt per month. ($250US, EU 200)

Tsunami waves coming in.. before the 1st land fall  .. viewed from an Thailand Island hilltop hiking trail from Khun Toi, a premiere guide

The waves coming in .. viewed from an Thailand Island hilltop hiking trail from Khun Toi, a premiere guide

so calm & serene the beautiful islands were that morning ... December 26, 2004.

December 2, 2006:  Thailand has deployed the 1st buoy in the Indian Ocean!

  • Only small sections of Thailand were affected by the December, 2005 event.

  • Pattaya Beach & Koh Samui on the Gulf of Thailand are 100% un-affected ..

  • NO DAMAGE: Hua Hin, Koh Chang (Elephant Island), Pattaya, Rayong ..

  • Much of Phuket was unaffected, 99% of hotels & restaurants are open in 2006 .. & are crying for tourists.

  • The Pattaya City &  beach front, on the Gulf of Thailand, is like Santa Monica on acid.

    • Elephants & tourist from every continent & food vendors & all the tourist attractions / rides one could ever imagine.

  • Jomtean Beach, further west from Bangkok, or just around Pattaya Hill from Pattaya Beach, is much more relaxed.

Some amazing beach front hotel rates are available.

Thailand Apartment & Hotel Links    Thailand newspapers   Have a yen to travel?  TESOL / TEFL

On Phuket Island in the Andaman Sea you will find pristine deserted beaches surrounded by tropical jungle a few miles from tourist dominated beaches. 

  • Patong Si is the tourist hotel center of Phuket Island.  Hotels for $12 per night literally next to hotels for $250 per night.
  • Our hotel of choice in Patong Si, a 900 Thb ($22., 18EU) per night hotel 1 block from the main beach.

  • Break Point Hotel, owned by a New Zealander & his Thai wife.  

    • Rooms have everything down to a video player & stereo system. 

    • Custom bathrooms .. marble with lots of mirrors .. decadent shower stalls ....

    • The folks in the $150. per night Hotel must walk past Break Point to reach the sand.

    • Excellent full size pool tables ( free! & not snooker!! ) in the lobby restaurant / bar.

    • If you have extra Thb .. that you do not want to keep .. challenge the owners to a game of pool!

    • Combination of New Zealand Meat pies & excellent Thai menu.

    • Espresso coffee available after 10 AM.


  • Break Point Hotel   110/10 Thaweewong Road   tel (66) 19 - 344211   fax (66) 19 - 340718

  • The beach is busy with tourists and all the jet ski rental & paragliding any tourist could want. 
  • Burger King, McDonald's, & Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises are mixed with beach front Thai restaurants.
  • Phuket Town, on the other side of the island, is the place to shop & not get totally tourist gouged.
  • There several disco's that start early & are tourist dominated.  Mostly Aussie, European & Japanese tourist.
  • Karon Beach is 60 minutes south ( via open air tuk tuk ) of Patong Si, has gentle sloping wide white sand beaches & gentle surf.  The beach road is 100 feet from the sand & has many good restaurants with sea view.  The road parallels the all but deserted beach for miles, with ocean view restaurants every several hundred yards & "Club Med" ($$$$) level of hotels every few miles. There are less expensive ( cheap ) hotels in each small town along the beach.

I personally love rural tuk tuks rides..

Sometimes it's a little better to travel than to arrive.~ Robert M. Pirsig - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Road maps of Thailand

Thailand Newspapers in English

Thailand Medical Tourism ( the savings on 1 tooth repair can pay for an economy vacation! )   Thai Contact Email  

PHUKET, Thailand (Reuters) - A government marketing blitz and range of cheap room deals are luring tourists back to Thailand's hard-hit Andaman coast, but visitor numbers are still well down on a year ago, hotel operators say.

Months after the killer wave, occupancy rates on the resort island of Phuket, which has 32,000 rooms, had hit 40 percent from single digits in January but were still well under the 75 percent reached last March, Phuket Hotel Association chief Pattanapong Aikwanich told Reuters.

On Phuket you can get a house near the beach  for a month for what one night at Club Med costs.  

Thai Hotels near the beach are under 700 baht, $20. per night as low as 400 baht, $10 per night. 

For 22000 baht ( $600. )per month you can have a 2 bed room high rise apartment with a sea view in Pattaya or for 500 baht, $15, per night you can have a small hotel room near the beach.