Thailand massage comes in 2 varieties.  Traditional Thai Massage & Thai Oil Massage


A 2 hour therapeutic massage on a Thai beach is a quite wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Thailand The Land of Smiles.  General Information about Thailand. Thailand History.  6000 years from the world's 1st bronze age culture to 21st century economic status and political enviroment. Thailand Medical Tourism:  Globalization that benefits the individual not the globalized corporation Bangkok Thailand where the Ancient Far East has melded with the 21st century West. Issan The archaeology & culturally rich Easter Region of Thailand Chiang Mai and The Golden Triangle Region of Northern Thailand Thailand Islands & Beaches are recognized to be some of the most beautiful on the Planet Thailand is a shoppers paradise.  From custom silk clothing, to electronics, to Asian antiques .. it's all in Thaialnd Thailand Gyms.  Your best Thai souvenir could by your professionally designed exercise program. The right Thailand Tour Guide will make your vacation the most memorable of your life Thailand offers quality hotels from unbelievely inexpensive to 6 star opulence. Thailand English Language Newspapers by region Bangkok offers world class entertianment venues .. from down home music venues to world class resturants. Elephants are the national symbol of Thailand.  The Thai people love Chang Thai massage is theraputic & quite wonderful .. be sure to experience Thai massage.


  • Both Traditional Thai Massage & Thai Oil Massage can be therapeutic.

  • Traditional Thai Massage is based on acupuncture meridians & yoga postures.

    • Massage of acupuncture points with careful stretching of the associated muscles.

  • Thai Oil Massage is extremely relaxing .. quite wonderful after a long flight.  My first stop from the airport is the King & I Therapy Center.

The most famous Traditional Thai massage school is at Wat Pho, near The Grand Palace.

  • Wat Pho Massage is synonymous with Thai Massage.

  • Both student & some instructors provide therapeutic massage at this un air conditioned facility.

  • Therapeutic Thai Massage is generally referred to as a Wat Pho Massage.

  • King & I is Bangkok's premiere Therapeutic Thai Massage center .. bus loads of Japanese Tourists, male & female, are frequently crowded into the lobby .. call for an appointment

  • This is a legitimate Massage Therapy Center.

    • If you seek something other than a legitimate therapeutic Thai massage I personally request you go else where!  

    • Do not be a problem for these extremely nice, respectable & professional therapists.

  • You can request a massage room for 2 persons if you choose to experience a massage with your mate.

  • Khun Tem's regular appointment is #2, at 2 for 2 hours. :-)


Khun Tem's recommended Bangkok Massage Center

King & I, Sukhumvit Soi 12, 15' / 5m past the 7-11

Call < 66 >  02 653-0700 for appointment

  • Traditional Thai Massage: ask for  #2.  

    • #2, Ms. Som Chi, is an instructor of Thai Massage.

    • Incredible!  What Thai Massage is all about!

    • You will notice changes in your body after a few sessions!

  • Thai Oil Massage: ask for #79

    • Please, shower & use the disposable underwear Ms. Du will offer!

  • Both #2 & #79 are head & shoulders above the rest!

    • Both #2 & #79 provide a full 2 hours of wonderful therapy.

  • Therapist names do not work with the reservation desk .. you must use your therapist's #. 

    • Multiple Dus & Chis work at King & I.

    • Over 100 employees at this immaculate 5 story center.

2 hours of Thai Massage: 500 Thb ( US$13, EU10, Aus$17.) .. this may be the best bargain in Bangkok!

A 500Thb tip will make you an elite customer!

Special favored treatment by the best .. a bargain at any price.

Most of the "store front massage centers" in Bangkok's tourist areas are far from therapy centers

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