Thailand Historical Maps .. from the pre European colonialism to post WWII

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       Above: Colonial expansion into sovereign Siam (Thailand) by year.


Below: British & French maps from the 1880s both show Angkor Wat & Preah Vihear to be well inside the sovereign borders of Siam (Thailand)


Left: On 1886  Brit map "Farther India" note Tonle Sap just above "Cambodia"               Right French Map 1885: Again Note Tonle Sap w/ Angkor & Preah Vihear marked.

Below: Current Photos of Preah Vihear .. the 1st 150 yards of the plateau gently slops to the Cambodian plains 1500 ft below.

Preah Vihear on the Thai - Cambodian border .. Road map to Preah Vihear



Below: Actual 1906 French water shed survey that resulted in the French / Cambodian claim on Preah Vihear

Map of Thai North Region / Chiang Mai

Thai Northeast Region  / Issan

Thai Central Region

Thai South Region / Thai Islands


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Pattaya 1952, 1965 & 1982.  Note Tappaya on 1952 post card.

Sukhumvet: 1948, 1992 (Pre-BTS) & 2004