Thailand The Land of Smiles.  General Information about Thailand. Thailand History.  6000 years from the world's 1st bronze age culture to 21st century economic status and political enviroment. Thailand Medical Tourism:  Globalization that benefits the individual not the globalized corporation Bangkok Thailand where the Ancient Far East has melded with the 21st century West. Issan The archaeology & culturally rich Easter Region of Thailand Chiang Mai and The Golden Triangle Region of Northern Thailand Thailand Islands & Beaches are recognized to be some of the most beautiful on the Planet Thailand is a shoppers paradise.  From custom silk clothing, to electronics, to Asian antiques .. it's all in Thaialnd Thailand Gyms.  Your best Thai souvenir could by your professionally designed exercise program. The right Thailand Tour Guide will make your vacation the most memorable of your life Thailand offers quality hotels from unbelievely inexpensive to 6 star opulence. Thailand English Language Newspapers by region Bangkok offers world class entertianment venues .. from down home music venues to world class resturants. Elephants are the national symbol of Thailand.  The Thai people love Chang Thai massage is theraputic & quite wonderful .. be sure to experience Thai massage.

If you have a yen to travel a TESOL career may meet you needs.

  • TESOL =  Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages

  • TEFL    =  Teach English as a Foreign Language

    There are two types of TESOL teachers.  Those with a 4 week certificate & those with a 4 year degree.

    Nearly half of new Tefl trainees hope to teach in Asia

    • A 4 year University TESOL Degree will allow you to teach in the US, Japan or Korea at up to $3000. per month ..  or more with success & experience.

      • The contracts for degreed TESOL teachers often include travel allowances, housing allowances and annual renewal bonuses.

    • A 4week TESOL Certificate will allow one to teach English as a Second Language in China, Thailand or Indonesia at a pay of between $400 & $800 per month no matter the experience.

      •  TESOL / TEFL 4 week Certificates are worthwhile only if you want to live in the 3rd World.

      • The Certificate TESOL teachers usually do not receive travel or housing allowances.

      • For the Certificate Schools, on line or on site, to be useful you must want to live in the Asian Third World as a middle income level local. 

        • Small apartment & a frugal life style.
        • An adventure into the local culture.  Living like a local on a local's wages.
      • TESOL Certificate holders teaching English in private schools often can supplement income with private tutoring.

Copy & Paste  " Thailand TESOL School "  into Google for all the options 


If there is no phone number listed on a web site be extra careful .. no telephone contact is a red flag!

If the promises made by a web based TESOL school seem to good to be true, they might be .. these TESOL scams are all over the web.. caution is advised.

Most hotels have some form of Internet.  Use Skype to call home with your laptop & your hotel high speed internet connection.  Your home town Skype # shows on caller ID!

We have received several complaints regarding a Phuket, Thailand based online TESOL School.

The cross eyed teacher had a difficult time controlling his pupils .. Bob Dylan on XM Radio

The ability to speak even a few Thai words will make your life much easier

A few common Thai phrases will greatly increase your status with the Thai people.

You will hear "Oh! .. You speak Thai"  20 times per day!


Weightlifting Video Filmed in Thailand.

& if you love your Brewed coffee..

Chiang Mai

Bangkok Gyms


Udon & Ubon

Shopping paradise

Thai beach resorts

Thailand Festivals

A 'cooperative guide' can more than save you his fee 

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