Cigarette Smoking Has Horrendous Consequences (Obviously, Duh!)

  • More death & debilitation from Cigarette Smoking than from all other addictions combined!

  • Lung disease is only a small part of the health consequences.

earlier menopause + osteoporosis  longer to recover from surgery  Lowers Fertility  Destroys Skin  Increases Dementia  Type II Diabetes   2 x Root Canals & erectile dysfunction.

  • Cigarette Deaths = 30 x  747 hijackings .. each day

  • Cigarette Deaths =   3 9/11 attacks .. each day

The average "street cigarette addict" spends over $100,000 on their addiction  + Breath Mints!

2nd Hand Smoke has an effect on Nintendo WII function!

Smoking is linked to Low IQ


Cigarette smoking is most prevalent in the Jerry Springer Guest Class!

Cigarette use has declined in the educated & upper class.

Smoking rates between top & bottom social classes

60% of total US health care cost is Cigarette related.


"addicts are very reliable customers!". bragged the tobacco executive .. err, the tobacco dealer.

VIDEO: Republican leader John Boehner passed out $1000 tobacco lobby checks to congressmen as a vote on tobacco regulation was on the floor of congress .. he passed out $1000 checks from the tobacco companies as they voted on regulating tobacco! 

Medicare is going broke & 1/3 of Medicare expenses are tobacco related illness

No wonder the cigarette addict's breath is putrid .. look where a smoker's rotten breath comes from.


scar from lung removal               Healthy lung    &    Smoker's lung 

Smoking cigarettes is most prevalent with the uneducated in the lowest socio-economic class.

Persons in lower socioeconomic groups have not yet benefited from advances in the prevention of lung cancer.

Cigarettes are finely tuned drug delivery devices, designed to perpetuate a tobacco pandemic  Dr. Howard Koh, Harvard.



2006: smoking caused 20% of all death in the US


Tobacco smoke modifies a variety of immune system responses

Smoking ups skin cancer 300%  Smoker Laura Bush has skin cancer.  & here

Smoking hampers a manís fertility, according to a study funded by cigarette company Philip Morris.

Smokers have a 26% increased incidence of Alzheimer's Disease.


 .. The Baby Boomer's Nightmare.

NY Times: The brain of a smoker treats nicotine as if it is essential for survival. Cigarettes & Nicotine increase excitability in the brain's pleasure centers just like any other addiction.


The Marlboro Man died of lung disease.  A dead-icated smoking advocate & foul breathed spokes person he was 

A hard man is good to find. ~ Mae West




Women who smoke cigarettes are up to 40 percent more likely to develop breast cancer than women who never smoked.

Death by smoking is a wheezing coughing death .. painful for both smoker & family.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death.

Nicotine in breast milk interferes with a breast fed babies sleep cycle.  

The Al Pacino / Russell Crowe Docu-Drama The Insider goes into detail how the tobacco lobby paid off US Government officials to leave tobacco unregulated.


the 'Sexy Lass'

Tobacco is an addictive drug that wreaks havoc on the human body. 

A million person survey in the US and Sweden reports only 8% of men who get lung cancer were not smokers.  

94% of lung cancer is cigarette smoking related ..

the 'Marlboro Man'  Smoking breaks down collagen in the skin.

Cigarettes are linked to poor skin color (yellow skin) & wrinkles.  Smoking can wrinkle the face and turn it yellow!

Erectile dysfunction is 40% more likely to occur among men who smoke.

Smoking hampers a manís fertility, according to a study funded by cigarette company Philip Morris.

Tobacco increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, respiratory disease, lung and other types of cancer.

 Play the 'smoker not smoker' game with TV personalities ..

& at the mall!

Easy to tell smokers by their skin color / texture!

Dr. Furber reports in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections "tobacco smoke modifies a variety of immune system responses".


New York Daily News. "Absolutely no one was allowed to see Laura Bush smoking cigatettes," says one insider. "At events where Laura Bush appeared, there had to be a room off to the side where Laura could hide and chain-smoke cigarettes before and after she spoke."

Cigarette Smoking lowers fertility.

Smoking activates the genes responsible for a skin enzyme that breaks down collagen in the skin

The majority of lung cancer patients are tobacco addicts that have a form of lung cancer that is not successfully treated = slow tortuous death to be experienced by the tobacco addict & their toxic second hand smoke contaminated 'loved ones'.

A CT Scan can Detect Early Lung Cancer .. good luck getting your insurance company to pay!

.. a CT Scan in Asia will set you back less than $225. .. the savings on your CT Scan will pay for a nice vacation.

You are more likely to succeed in your attempt to give up smoking if you also do regular exercise

Cigarette smoking has already been linked to a higher than normal chance of contracting infections generally, including those that have been sexually transmitted.


Smoking increases risk of HIV/AIDS: British doctors report five of the six studies they analyzed showed smokers had a higher chance of becoming infected with HIV / AIDS.  Dr. Furber reports in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, said tobacco smoke modifies a variety of immune system responses.

2006:  US Tobacco Companies are increasing the amount of addicting nicotine in their murderous products.

  • Three of the most popular brands favored by younger smokers, Marlboro, Newport and Camel, showed an increase of 12 per cent. Kool, a menthol brand, had a nicotine level increase of 20 percent. Another brand, called Doral Lights, measured a 36 percent increase.

  • Hard to believe there is such amoral murderous management in US Corporations.

An experimental medication, AS1404 developed in the UK, has extended the life of lung cancer patients from an average of 9 months to 14 months.

Laughter The Best Medicine

Worldwide lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer.  90% of lung cancer is associated with smoking. 

& a majority of smoking related lung cancer patients have a form of lung cancer that is not successfully treated .. = terminal cancer & a painful torturous demise.


NEW YORK, Feb. 23 - Men who smoke cigarettes are about twice as likely to require root canal treatment as those who have never smoked

"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life.", Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign.

December 2 2005 The World Health Organization yesterday became the largest international employer to ban the hiring of smokers in an effort to promote its public health campaign against tobacco use.

 "As long as there are tests there will be prayer in public schools."


"The recent reductions in death rates from major cancers in the US have bypassed less educated working people, suggesting that persons in lower socioeconomic groups have not yet benefited equivalently from recent advances in prevention, early detection, and treatment of the major fatal cancers," Dr. Ahmedin Jemal, from the American Cancer Society in Atlanta.

Cambodian border cigarette stand w/ Texas brand cigarettes at 100Thb Carton = $3 for 10 packs .. L&M brand cigarettes at 200Thb Carton = 10 packs of L&M  for $6.