The Ultimate & Optimized Exercise Program .. or not

A fitness center full of 'space age' mechanisms in yellow, black & chrome cannot provide what this program offers with minimal equipment!

Combining the benefits of interval training & circuit training into one "Lactate Threshold Exercise Program".

This is a synergistic 2 part program .. optimized aerobics blended seamlessly with optimized anaerobics

  •  Anaerobic endurance refers to short term endurance capacity which relies mainly on anaerobic energy pathways.

  • Aerobic endurance, on the other hand, refers to longer-term activities which rely primarily on the oxidative energy pathway.

  • There is no definitive border between anaerobic and aerobic activity, and in fact, all activities are fueled by both pathways

This program takes intervals beyond time or pulse based intervals.

Drop sets, forced reps, compound sets .. all utilized with circuit training.

Our goal is to take advanced workout warriors to their "lactic acid threshold!" A program designed to be 'Lactate Threshold Exercise', with waste product elimination being given near equal status with nutrient delivery ( conventional cardio- vascular ).

Higher rep work involves primarily enzymatic adaptation to lactic acid and ion accumulation in the muscle.



Watch these videos several times .. do your own sets .. re-watch the videos until you are comfortable with these techniques.



Weight Lifting



Unavoidable truth: It needs to be somewhat difficult to stimulate the muscles.

Read the basics of lactic acid.    Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise.  What's the real difference?

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The doer alone learneth. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Good form Rules  .. always focus on proper form & cadence with each movement.


Never use bad from to complete a movement .. lower your weight & knock out more reps with the lower weight.

Lower weights .. never bad form!


  1. Circuits to include all major muscle groups.

  2. We recommend lower weight / more reps than any other program.

  3. Drop sets / super sets / compound sets .. & during the last 1/2 of the workout .. pre exhaustion.

  4. Very easy to maintain a 120 -160 pulse rate doing drop sets ..

  5. Maintain an aerobic pulse rate while performing an anaerobic exercise.


This section describes the principals of our recommended circuit training anaerobic exercise program.

Optimized Aerobics .. optimized with easy to master intervals

combined with

Optimized Anaerobics .. optimized with easy to master drop sets, super sets, compound sets ..


Our recommended minimal exercise session is 35 - 40 minutes 3 - 4 - 5? times per week ..  2 on 1 off seems reasonable .

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - A new study suggests that doing intense interval training for 20 minutes three times a week is just as effective at boosting strength and endurance as five to six hours of jogging or moderate cycling.

"From a muscle perspective, when you do long, slow endurance training, you are only recruiting part of your muscle fibers to do the work," Gibala said. "In high intensity exercise, you call upon all of your muscle fibers. They respond and adapt."

If you have ever been there, you will always want to return. ( workout warriors know exactly what that means.)

A premise of this program: Total Body Fitness is Optimal!

A physiologically optimized & balanced circuit training / aerobic / total body workout.

Minimal equipment required.  Several sets of dumb bells required for the anaerobics.

A pulse monitor is a fun tool to add to your 'quiver' .. monitor the 20 - 40 beat pulse increase in real time.

Required Part I: Utilization of dumb bells / hand weights while striding on a  treadmill.

  1. Warm up until elevated / deeper / faster breathing is present .. just increase a few breaths per minute

  2. Set the machine for a fast walk at full elevation.

  3. Have several sets of dumb bells available .. I have several pair on a table next to the treadmill.

  4. Now pick up a light dumb bell & start circuits of upper body movements.

While striding .. or stationary biking .. do circuits of standard upper body movements

By slightly increasing hand weight .. 1 - 4# increase ..  the aerobic session becomes an anaerobic interval ..

Aerobics optimized with intervals, short bursts of unsustainable effort.. which makes aerobics anaerobic.

Striding on a treadmill at full elevation while coordinating full range upper body movements!

Optional Part II: Get off the equipment to do some heavier circuit work.

With this integrated multi faceted program many of Joe Weider's Principles of Training are utilized .. we do not agree with the heavier lifting Joe recommends .. to many injuries .. Heavy may be necessary for competitive athletes.  We do not agree with nor subscribe to all of Joe's Training Principles but must credit his leadership for this integrated program.  Joe da man!

Advanced routines & principals. Easy to learn & utilize.

circuits & intervals & more circuits w/ compound sets ..  then compound drop sets .. then pre-exhaustion ..

My favorite Arnold imitation session is "DO the Rack" .. love it every time.. with any movement

Extreme results are possible with this program without the increased incidence of injury with long training or heavy weights.

Standard weight training movements .. several for each muscle group.

  1. All movements always done with intervals of drop sets, supersets, compound sets ..

    1. some of my favorite sessions are super sets of compound drop sets

  2. Go for the muscle burn with each upper body movement.

As systemic lactate increases all muscle groups are are being saturated by systemic lactate.

Our goal of "Lactate threshold with each interval / circuit  movement" becomes easy to achieve.

  1. .. then on to the next upper body movement - burn  .. & the next  ... .. & next ..

Get back on the treadmill / bike for more aerobics with intervals

Get off the treadmill & do more anaerobic circuits optimized with the principles of lactate threshold training.

The proper body alignment 'side effect' of this program is a huge 'hidden benefit'. 

Like Mr. Nietzsche ( 1844-1900) reportedly said & I keep droning .. The doer alone learneth.

A fitness center full of 'space age' incredible mechanisms in yellow, black & chrome could not provide me with the workout this program offers!

This program is designed to utilize the principals of  'Lactate Threshold Exercise'.

Lactate threshold exercise: exercise each muscle group until your experience the 'muscle burn' associated with the approaching the lactate threshold

The doer alone learneth. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) 

There are no rules with this program .. anyway you choose to do it .. just focus on keeping a lactate threshold burn happening in a muscle group as much as possible ..

the only 'kinda rule' is: no resting!

if you are not experiencing lactate threshold burn at any instant .. you need to pick up the tempo.

Program Goals:

  1. Exercising all major muscle groups anaerobicaly .. 

  2. Always keeping the lactate threshold principals as a immediate goal with each movement ..

  3. & then pushing the aerobic window with continuous circuits of the anaerobic movements.

  4. Simultaneous anaerobic muscle burn combined with aerobics.

  5. The simultaneous upper and lower body movements require proper bodily alignment, which over time will result in personally optimized posture!  An incredible side benefit!!

Upper body Aerobic Fitness is equally important as lower body Aerobic Fitness.

This routine can be adapted for beginners or the most advanced fitness pro.

The constant total body movement (& the infinite movement variations) results in  a constantly changing center of gravity.

Proper body alignment / posture is necessary for the body to deal with constantly shifting center of gravity while striding.

The Program

If you have the options to tie up equipment while doing other exercises these variations will work.. in a crowded health club environment this option may not be practical.

Good Luck & Stay Young


Photos from the original book! 1985.

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